touched by fire – art features for January 10, 2010

Celebrating Womanhood

This week as I perused the art in our touched by fire group, I was stricken by the amazing art depicting women. Please follow my little journey through these six beautiful pieces of femininity.

Sometimes life takes us down a road that we aren’t expecting. As a woman, we should fearlessly walk these roads wherever they take us.

Indigo 02 – Matthew Dawkins

The eyes of a woman are like the universe and her dreams are reflected in them.

Eyes by Zuzana D Photography

Wonder is music in the heart. As a woman, always take in the beauty of the simple things, including ourselves.

Butterfly Chee by HollyGoLightly

One true beauty of a woman is the passion which burns in her eyes.

HaremII by Manoyla F.

Women have the magic of being fragile and strong at the same time – they delicately fly with the wind.

Sable on Blonde by Tracey Mac

Never stop dreaming, those who dream by day see things that are missed by those who only dream at night.

In a Dream by Cathleen Tarawhiti

One is not born a woman, one becomes one. ~Simone de Beauvoir, The Second Sex, 1949