Guest Piece- Free to love

A new benefit of winning some of our challenges is that the winner gets to choose 1 piece of work from the TBF Group to be featured on the blog, along with an explanation of how it affected them. I recently blogged about TamLocke and her winning entry for the Text & Art Challenge. Congrats to her and she is our first member to feature another artists piece – so thanks to TamLocke for choosing a really fun and inspiring Tshirt design from Vampvamp.

free to love

From TamLocke: “I pick simply because I believe we are all free to love and its very cute..”

Clothing Challenge Winner

The Challenge: It’s amazing how the translation of powerful art into an everyday & personal medium such as clothing, can leave testament to a designer’s vision. Submit designs that represent the TBF concept and are available as clothing designs.

The Winner: Turn ur back on Love T-Shirt by DellaGunnz
turn ur back on love tshirt by dellagunnz
You can purchase this t-shirt by clicking on the image above.

tshirts by touched by fire members

In addition to the art, photography, and writing submitted to the touched by fire group, there are also some great tshirts for under $30. You can never have enough tshirts, and it’s super cool to have custom designed one-of-a-kinds that nobody else has. Check these out!

Support our artists and buy a tshirt!