Passion of Dance – Art of Richard Young

Dancing is like dreaming with your feet! ~Constanze

Turkish Delight by Richard Young

Turkish Delight by Richard Young

In art, the human body has been captured in all forms of movement, and I find myself especially riveted when I come across pieces that encapsulate the movement and motions of dance. There is something so commanding, dreamlike, passionate, and romantic in the way the position of the arms, legs, muscles and body combine in pose of a dance movement.

Richard Young is a painter from the UK whose fine works really steal my breath at each glance. His use of color palette, play with light, shading, and contrast, and focus on the emotion of his pieces leaves the viewer feeling as if they were privy to an intimate secret moment with the subject. They are full of passion, sensuality, and mood.

I especially appreciated this quote from his portfolio on his own ideas of what he would like art to mean; It was ironic to me when I read this after already writing half of this blog, since his perspective coincides with the goal of Touched By Fire :

It is also both satisfying and fulfilling, a way of seeing the world differently, seeing yourself differently, opening and challenging your thoughts to a different perspective and wider dimension, arousing your senses and stimulating your mind…

He also has a gallery of works on musicians, the human form, and wildlife. Please check out his redbubble page or his own website to view more of his portfolio and learn more about his technique and passion for art.