Features 4/07/2010

I have a thing about portraits, good ones that is – not the snapshots we take to remind us of a situation, location or person, but the ones that truly reflect the personality of the subject and what’s inside.

So with this in mind, here are my features for this week…

See by Angel Warda


See by Angel Warda

I love that the image just shows one side of the face and the stark contrast in the image itself. Both make the image really intense and focus on the eye. Brilliant shot and the perfect image to go with

Reflections by Mia Rose

i think i understand now
about love

that a lover may be lost
but love can never vanish
not if it finds a home
inside your soul

I think I understand now
that my sorrow
grew out of the illusion
that love only grows
in presence
and always dies
in absence

i think i understand now
that love
is bigger
than loss

A very eloquent look inside to see what you may see.

The colours and the perspective of this next portrait are fabulous. There’s so much emotion in there and a sense of confidence and independence:

Afterwards by Tania Losada


Afterwards by Tania Losarda

I thought this self-affirming poem was a perfect mate for the image:

So Long By JetMannHenry

So Long;
Stay Gone..

‘Cause, I
Waited, waiting
and I’m;
Waiting, waited..
Soo Long… Stay gone!

Standing, searching
Needs never found

So Long;
Stay Gone…

Spent all your;
Walkin’ round
Clouds in your eyes

an’ I..

Wait no more..

‘Cause, I
Waited, waiting
and I’m;
Waiting, waited..
Soo Long… Stay gone!

The colours and the sense of magic and self containment in the next image is captivating:

Fae by Jessica Walker


Fae by Jessica Walker

Which is why I teamed it up with this perfectly to the point poem:

Paralysis by Siki Dlanga

You can
Pin me to the wall
And love me
Resuscitate my heart
With your breathless kisses
I’m paralysed by your love

There’s such a sense of drama and romance about this next shot. I love, love the colours and the feeling of Spring:

Lady Spring & Silence by Rosa Cobos

Lady Spring & Silence

Lady Spring & Silence by Rosa Cobos

And here’s a beautiful and touching poem to go with it:

Years Left On A Blade Of Grass by lolowe

Leave a tack print
Dent in the ground
Wooden stilted footsteps
Pad the backyard distance
Of a run ten years too fast
For my feet to catch up

So here
I wait
Until I hear the swirl of your laughter
Break through the blades of grass
Toes reach the end of the run down
White picket fence
Painting innocence
Back into its jaded stripped color

I never wearied
Of mornings spent
Finding the trails you run
Until suddenly
They curved into the
Shadows of places
That had fit your vibrant heart
Like its own sheer cover
It was here
That I saw a soft darkness
Speckle the sunlight of you
And expose the Chameleon smile

Was this…
The reason you were always moving?
So that the darkness didn’t find
In you its own likeness?

It was as if you became a blur
A figure in constant movement
Even as I slept and I knew
Only ten minutes away
You dreamt
I saw you as dark clouds
Pushed by the wind
I was trying to figure out a shape
And saw only the ink soaked
Cotton tendrils of something
Not quite

So swift it sounded like
The rustle of your jacket
I looked down ten rows of houses
And found two crows on a telephone line
They signaled death
I waited for brown calloused feet
To print the green of my lawn

Nothing came…
Only storms
Rushing onward
The harsh spill
Of their tears
Washing away
Your existence
In my fragile world

You’ve become just a thought
As hard as it is to let it be so
But yesterday
I caught a blade of grass
Shaded from ten years of sorrow
Its tip turned to a hint
Of long ago summer winds
The frantic flight
Of small brown feet
And I cried

Another magical shot, maybe not a portrait in the strictest sense, but it works for me. One of the most amazing images I’ve seen in a while:

She Sleeps… by Trish Woodford

She Sleeps...

She Sleeps by Trish Woodford

The sense of oneness and stillness and beauty is continued in this poem:

Play it again Sam by ShadowDancer

like the mouthpiece of a saxophone
the love you give
sends notes of gold through my veins

listen to my hearts music
belt out into the still air
as you breath yourself into me

The contrast and textures in this last portrait are fabulous. The warm tones give it a real sense of introspection and reflection.

I waited too long by Octobray

I waited too long

I waited too long by Octobray

And the final poem just seems to encapsulate everything I saw in the image:

Tomorow never comes by Purplecactus

Am I strong enough to find my way
to find myself
Am I the stranger
or is the land in which I live
stranger still

I tell myself that I don’t care
what others think
and yet I hide
within myself
dreaming of what I am too scared to become
Hating myself because of it

I know that I have wings
but keep them folded
I want to fly
Soar with those that I admire
but fear weighs me down

How can it be
that I can’t be me
That I can’t admit
who I am
I chain myself down
I lock myself up
Prisoner and jailer in one

Maybe tomorrow
I say to myself
That day never comes
And so here I am
waiting for a day
Waiting for a way
to set myself free

I hope you enjoy this week’s features. Let me know if you do. MagpieMagic