TBF Features for the week of July 3, 2011

Hello again, friends. Hope that all of our US readers enjoyed your Fourth of July holiday festivities. Here’s our latest batch of sexy/hopeful/emotional art and writing, chosen by yours truly, Duffboy.


Believe in Kindness by 8upchef

Believe in the kindness of others
Believe in their intentions
Believe that there is no hidden agenda

That even now
In these days darker than others
That a person can show kindness
And then

Believe in kindness


My Lord Carpathian by Arcadia Tempest

Reload my arrogant heart
drink of it
if it will please you

My Carpathian Lord
I am not one of the in-tune
lacking of beat
a retracted tempo

Feast on me

drift me to a figment
of imagination
when your savoring
in me is done

I will not remember
cast black eyes into me
slumber the memory of you
leave a vision of what lives amongst the hopeful

She wakes.
She remembers.
She sees in her dreaming a wayward witch who covets the fresh liver of the eye painter to bring color to her dead heart.
She screams.
They gather.
They will protect the painter of eyes.

© K S Hardy 2011


Contact (t-shirt) by Manana11



Pájaros Volados by dmcart



Inbox is full by msdebbie

My inbox is full
of messages I do not need.
My smile is full
of teeth which crack and bleed.

My memory is full
of words which say so much.
My outlook is full
of possibilities I dread to touch.

What should I say?
I feel empty.
What do I mean?

Something is missing.
I feel clammy with malcontent.
We are missing something.
My inbox is full.


Ryan by Jascie Epinn

I know there’s nothing I can say
to apologize for this.
And to be honest, it’s all I’ve ever wanted.
From Prom night
When a boy sang to me
such sweet words as we rubbed hips on the dance floor
“And I will never try to deny that you are my whole life
cause if you ever let me go, I would die.”
And I reveled in it
Those words were so delicate and delicious
But now, after promises having been broken
Bones and hearts and spirits past
Those words disgust me
They are empty, meaningless
Only connoted by displeasure and shame
So how dare you look me in the eye
and tell me that you love me?
It’s all so swollen with raw humanity
I don’t want them
Take them back
I don’t want to be your everything
I don’t want to be the one who is breaking your heart
I don’t want to be her
But I know there’s nothing I can say
to change your heart.


Goddess of the Mountains by David Mapletoft



the shape shifter by frederic levy-hadida



“Awesome” doesn’t really begin to cover it… by singerchick

If I could invent the words to capture the sunset
I’d fill a new book every night.
But even if I could create a language to do it justice,
I could never keep up with the glorious new hues God crafts nightly —
How much less could I begin to describe the breathtaking trail
Each saline drop etches from your tear ducts to my heart?


the radiant sun by hollyann

i have a soft heart
and as such
am easily
and love

i wake up
with a radiant sun
in my mind
that fills the day
with the light
of joy
never to be darkened
by anything
or anyone

the radiant sun
of my mind
the radiant sun
of yours
and everyone
has this
buried deep
or shining
not one left out
not one alone
it just depends
on whether
it has been found
a peace that glows
there to behold

so look in
there it is
for you to
call upon
the radiant sun
the home of calm


Hat and a red rose by fotowagner



Sea of Flowers by Artof Morgaine

Rumors (poem)

He’s a dark, pseudo-psychiatrist

searching for a straight man’s cock.

A soccer fan who would enjoy

nothing more° than a manly man’s

bulge inside his mouth.


Or so I’ve heard.


°(not even a nude David Beckham

scoring from mid camp

would suffice)


A recent poem by yours truly, Duffboy.


Butterflies challenge winner

Butterflies are sexy and dreamy. A more profound quote could prove our point:

May the wings of the butterfly kiss the sun
And find your shoulder to light on,
To bring you luck, happiness and riches
Today, tomorrow and beyond.
~Irish Blessing

Here’s the most voted artwork in this challenge, Into the world by dmcart.

Touched by black and white – Challenge winner

Nothing like going back to basics, when it comes to a challenge. This time, the idea was simple: “share a picture that touches you with it’s use of black and white“. One of our cohosts, Matthew Dawkins, was voted challenge winner with An Ode to Katie. Go visit his RedBubble profile ASAP!

What the artist wrote:

Taken July, 2007

An Ode To Katie

Hey you! Good afternoon
Everyone is staring at me
Its been forever
Since I’ve been able to see
Been able to see that beautiful face
And I know that I can’t leave
Or have just one last embrace

Yeah I’m a fool for love
You’ve got me stuck
And left me on
Just like I knew you would
I know I’m a fool for you.

Now I’d love to have you back
So you can tell me what to do
But God has taken you
Not ashamed of the life I choose to live
You’ve got my heart
And its all alone
And I’m far away from the things I’ve shown

Yeah I’m a fool for love
You’ve got me stuck
And left me on
Just like I knew you would
I know I’m a fool for you

Now its time
And I’ve been so alone
But now its time to go
And let go of that Tuesday night

Yeah I’m a fool for love
You’ve got me stuck
And left me on
Just like I knew you would
I know I’m a fool for you.

Goodnight Katie.

Fancy free: the outdoor nude, challenge winners

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you, there is not one, but two winners in our latest challenge (which aimed at capturing the freedom of the naked human form outside an enclosed environment): Jessica Walker and MagpieMagic. Both artworks are incredibly representative of a timeless beauty. We urge you to visit the artists’s profiles and discover the rest of their amazing work.

Nimph by Jessica Walker

I Want to Be by MagpieMagic