mine by veuvenoire



to feel that passion
that unites

i slide my fingers under your collar.
every inch of your skin makes me shiver.
my breathing slows down.
energy flows from your body.

i run my fingers gently over your face.
my eyes get lost in yours.
i open my lips and tiptoe to reach yours.
i push your skull gently, making your neck bend.
your face moves towards mine.

my glance dives deeper into the fathomless blue of your soul.
my mind touches your innermost – sensing nervousness .
‘don’t get distracted my sweetlove,’ i whisper ‘this kiss will be for eternity’.
i sense you relaxing and feel your breath deeper and slower.
our lips touch.
i close my eyes.

i am all sense of touch now.
touch your body, touch your mind, touch your tongue.
touch you all inside and out.
time dissolves.
space dissolves and i bite your lip to feel you are real.
you wince slightly… iron taste in my mouth.
now you are mine.

A lovely tidbit I found today. A beautifully intoxicating spell of wanting someone to fully enter your whole existence. I am happy to welcome veuvenoire to Redbubble and to our TBF Group.