Caleb’s Quest

Caleb’s Quest by Dale Crum

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The Poem “THE EASTERN SKY” below is the inspiration written by Nathaniel Caleb Crum:

There is a house built out of stone, in a place carved into our minds. This house sits atop a hill, distant, as if it exists outside the boundaries of our reach. In the garden there is a tree, old and gray, the leaves have fallen from its branches. They form remains, in the shapes of stars. This place sleeps, alone, far to the east of what we know. It waits, patiently, as if it dreams of a traveler who never comes. A cold wind blows from the north, and tells us a story of things we will never see. The path that leads to its door has faded with time, and bears no marks of tour. Quiet comforts us here, like a blanket and the fireplace we’ve spent our lives beside. Clouds loom close to the ground, and break only for the celestial lights. Sounds are muffled, and absent. The shadows cast by the clouds seem dark, in a night that is constant, yet brings no evils. We find solace, alone, amongst the familiar and unknown. This is a place where I do not feel alone. To the west a vast ocean stretches for an eternity, and meets the horizon beyond the mind’s eye. The waves crash on cavernous shores below us, but we have nothing to fear. I ask you now, in this moment, to remind me of who I used to be, when I was stronger. In my eyes you see the cruelty of time, which has taken away all the recollection of my days. You tell of the years, names, and faces I once knew so well, when our love was light. Your heart beats as Polaris glimmers, and it guides me home, only for a moment. A fog rolls across the sea now, and it covers us. A light across the water shines from a distance too far to ever be reached. The seasons have come and gone, yet we are unmoved by their passing. This place is home, dark and cold, this place is ours. The sea calls us to the shores of other grey havens, to a world full of infinite possibility, but this world is just illusion, and we are only here in our minds. You are gone now, and the leaves have fallen from every tree…


touched by fire – art features for January 10, 2010

Celebrating Womanhood

This week as I perused the art in our touched by fire group, I was stricken by the amazing art depicting women. Please follow my little journey through these six beautiful pieces of femininity.

Sometimes life takes us down a road that we aren’t expecting. As a woman, we should fearlessly walk these roads wherever they take us.

Indigo 02 – Matthew Dawkins

The eyes of a woman are like the universe and her dreams are reflected in them.

Eyes by Zuzana D Photography

Wonder is music in the heart. As a woman, always take in the beauty of the simple things, including ourselves.

Butterfly Chee by HollyGoLightly

One true beauty of a woman is the passion which burns in her eyes.

HaremII by Manoyla F.

Women have the magic of being fragile and strong at the same time – they delicately fly with the wind.

Sable on Blonde by Tracey Mac

Never stop dreaming, those who dream by day see things that are missed by those who only dream at night.

In a Dream by Cathleen Tarawhiti

One is not born a woman, one becomes one. ~Simone de Beauvoir, The Second Sex, 1949

ShadowDancers RedBubble Journey – October 27, 2009

The journey that I have taken on RedBubble has been one of illumination, inspiration, and empowerment. I have traveled inside the minds of others, zoomed in on otherwise unnoticeable things in ways that make them spectacular, seen places in this world I have never been to, and even trekked to other galaxies. Every time I visit I am taken to other-worlds that wrap themselves around my heart.

Since I am in a nostalgic mood, I thought I would begin this walk down the rainbow-hued paths of the Bubble by remembering some of the first art and artists that I came across. You may have seen some or all of them yourself, but they are all magnificent works in their own right, and deserve to be revisited from time to time. So please, relax, and put on your best walking shoes.

The very first piece of work I ever marked as a favorite is by a wonderfully talented artist Al Neaimi. His whole portfolio blew my mind; it is full of complex designs, patterns, and textured, coupled with a depth of understanding of humanity. The first piece that I favorited is still my favorite of his works. The piece, along with his writing about the image, stirred so many emotions inside of me – this is my favorite part of his message: ” Throughout your WONDERFUL Journey of ENLIGHTENMENT remember to pause and refresh, and look around: you will be Splendidly impressed with what you see.”
Enlightenment by Al Neaimi

Another one of my first favorite images quickly led to one of my favorite painters. Her work is so lifelike I keep waiting to see their breath. Many of you may recognize her by her signature butterflies she beautifully implants on each picture. Alice McMahon White created this picture that I became enamored with. This painting portrays Marilyn in such a beautiful way, she looks so woman and raw, like we are seeing her as she wakes up from a wonderful dream rather than the pinup version she pretended to be.

Aphrodite by Alice McMahon White

“Land of the Elves” is a fitting title for a look into a world frosted over with perfect white-blue snow straight from heaven. MarianaEwa took the photograph many wait a lifetime to take.

Land of the Elves by MarianaEwa

“Amongst the Fog” is an image that reminded me of the beauty in imperfection. It is a stunning photograph of some lone red flowers, somewhat imperfect, yet beautiful in their own right. The artist, Julie Thomas, has a great portfolio.

Amongst the Fog by Julie Thomas

F. Magdalene Austin is another magnificent painter on the Bubble. My favorite work of hers, and let me say it is SO hard to narrow it down, is called “Eyes Like a River”. This image of a woman’s tears speaks volumes to my soul. It made me feel like she was crying for all of sisterhood. While she is soaking in sadness, I somehow feel uplifted when I see her face.

Eyes Like a River by F. Magdalene Austin

Another instant favorite for me was by digital artist Dylan Murphy. His specialty is self-portraits and each piece is evocative and thought-provoking. I could stare at each one for silent eternities. The first one I came across, however, is “Let it Out”. Funny how we tend to come across things as we need them. When I found this piece it was at a time when I had been suppressing and bottling up a lifetime of emotions – it was the perfect antidote for me. In fact, I never told Dylan, but it inspired one of the first poems I had written in years, called Fear of Expression. Here is his photo:

Let It Out by Dylan Murphy

ntherapy took me to a place of nostalgia and dreams with “my mothers house”. This is a perfect example of how a photograph of something so normal, so simple, can bring a rush of feeling from the tips of our toes, up our spinal cord, and into our minds where it will reside for an eternity. Just one glance at this photo and I feel a light Ozark breeze and smell my mothers homemade pecan pie, coffee brewing, and hear the songs she used to sing when I was a child – the same ones she sings to my own children now.

my mothers house - by ntherapy

Paris is a city after many artists heart. I have been lucky enough to see this magnificent city, but no stay is ever long enough. Leia managed to conjure up some magical orange pixie dust and transform the usual Eiffel Tower photo into something from another planet. This is my all-time favorite photo of this awe-inspiring landmark.

Susan Duffey has a wonderful bubble page full of paintings of trees and flowers and nature. I really love her work. One of my favorite pieces of hers is from a series on trees of the seasons. “Winter Trees” is both icey and inviting at the same time. The hues of blue that she used, the shapes of the trees, and the ‘ice’ affects she used are superb. It makes me reach for a cup of hot cocoa every time.
winter trees by Susan Duffey

Here is the very first piece of writing that I put on my favorites list. It’s by a beautifully talented writer Rebekah Anderson and it’s called I Breathe. Again, so appropriate for the kind of message that I needed to hear at the time I read it. It’s a beautiful reminder to appreciate life – every breath we take is significant. Please click the link and read this profound piece of work. You’ll be as glad as I was to read it.

The other piece of writing I wish to share is from the most talented and RedBubble staple PJ Ryan. It’s called Spider Legs and so captivated me I read it over and over again. Here is a tidbit:

You have crawled inside of me at night through the doorway of dreams and you hang around for longer than you know you should and we kiss and talk and roll around in yesterdays and tomorrows.

Hint – you’ll wish for a toothpick afterwards.

That’s it for now fellow dreamers. I’d love to hear your feedback on whether you think this bit was worth the read. Please be patient with me as I get through some of the older works before I start sharing new material and new artists. I really want to give credit to those that have affected me through this voyage my soul has taken.

Much thanks and love,
Patty Jo

Scribbling in the sand

I have been wanting to start a blog since before they were ‘hot’, but between a job that demanded 60 hours a week and my growing family, it was hard to justify getting away and focusing on writing something that perhaps only I will pay attention to.

Once I decided to create a blog, the next question was what will it’s focus be? What to write about, and why? Knowing the focus would surely answer what to name it. For me this was almost as complicated as writing an auto-biography.  I want it to be so much more than just a journal. I want it to have meaning, to make people think about things maybe they haven’t before,  to hear a new perspective, or even to find a voice with ideas similar to their own. Should I talk about business or family? Current events? Leave politics out or speak out on that as well?

When pondering all of this I realized my blog should be a reflection of my own spirit. If I’m going to upload my ideas for everyone to see, why keep it narrowed to one thing? So, that’s when I decided to make it a blog about a woman that is as many things as there are topics. A mother, business developer, creative marketing brain, accountant, college student, charity supporter. A woman who spends hours reading others ideas and opinions and wants to join them. A business woman that wants to grow her professional network, gaining mentors and peers that occasionally meet to learn and grow from each others synergy. An artist that is filled with paintings, poems, stories swirling around in her head. An idealist who dreams that perhaps someday her voice could change the world, or at least something, for the good. Isn’t that the definition of a woman in the 21st century?

So enough with this boring journey of my blog. While I can’t promise to blog daily or routinely, I promise that when I do blog I will be honest. If anyone reads this, the invitation to comment (positive or negative) is open and wanted. The goal of blogging really isn’t about me, it’s about perspectives. It’s about being touched by fire in the mind and soul and reimagining the world.