I dreamed I saw Hitler fall into the sun

A poem by Blake Steele

I dreamed I saw Hitler fall into the sun
and even his ashes were snuffed in light,
and with nothing left in evil’s space
a singing tree grew with sunshine leaves.

I dreamed of life consuming death
and children laughing in the place
where selfish darkness once was done
so there was nothing left to grieve.

And day arose in the midst of night
the sun was shining in the stars
as blue grew dim to show the face
of every newborn dancing child.

How beautiful it is to dream,
and feel the dream until you sing,
for this is the power that has made
stars and worlds and everything.

What the author said about it:

To imagine something already done and feel it so clearly that you laugh and give thanks for the miracle of life is to enter the creative processes of the Universe. This is a very exciting way to move from powerless victimhood into co-creating the world with the Wild Divine. It is overcoming evil with good and does good in the mind for sure.


Category of Leaving by Linaji

This week I read a poem that made my breath stick and linger in the lowest part of my lungs. The heartache of knowing when a relationship has reached its final stages has been written about since the beginning of time. But only a writer like Lina could write about it in a way that makes you feel the ache of loss and then exhale with a feeling of acceptance knowing you are at a transformational part of your own life, allowing you to let go.

Category of Leaving

How will I find your textured sigh
In the midst of this chronicled heartache?
You are a vanquished species of love
For now I simply cannot hold a vision
That seems possible



Not again
Not now
Not this lifetime
I have already jumped a galaxy to Bethesda
Angels have stirred my intention to dust
Mortared by star points
Stagnant gap opened
With crystal salt wounds
That score deep enough
to tell a story
In heaven

Oh No!

I implore any who may be listening:
This heaving sigh of love essence
Now seems better for Gods
In Hades
Fire and passion are welcome and co exist with
Truth that stays truant and unattended to.
Here Gods reek havoc without remorse
And the nature of the ‘beast’ is fed forever
So close this love is to death.