Undying Passion by GuyAmazed

Congrats to GuyAmazed who won 1st place in a writing challenge from “The Passion of Couples” on redbubble with his piece Undying Passion.

a week to the day
since the last person died
a mere seven nights after
the last tear drop cried
came the terminal coupling
of the final couple to try

under skies glowing green
post apocalypse
with just enough flesh
still covering their hips
they shed shreds of clothes
and a few fingers and toes

something remained
of an instinct, an urge
some gene coded residue
a vague compulsion to merge
a scant memory of
a less literal hunger for flesh

through his sole nostril wafted
a powerful stench
eau de decay
from this walking dead wench
stirring also his loins
to rise up from the dead

in her something stirred
less a tide than a ripple
as he squeezed her limp breast
and detached her left nipple
which rolled off a rib
now bleached from being exposed

their gore-play progressed
in co-mingled putrescence
her slick cultured slime mold
moistening his tumescence
as they remembered
just where what went where

finally, positioned
nearly center to center
her rotting & reeking
him seeking to enter
faint lingering longings
guided them on

he toothlessly uttered
“oh ‘od it’s ‘ood”
her spasms wrenched loose
his throbbing ghoul-hood
but no matter, by then
the terminal tryst was complete

The last act of love
achieved with tender pains
sated and forgotten
they chewed each other’s brains
savoring and swallowing
their last thoughts and remains