Challenge winners – “Monochrome, but not B&W”, December 10th 2010

“This challenge is for artwork and photographs which pretty much only involve one colour, but we are not looking for black & white or grayscale photos or drawings here.
For example…
It might be a monochrome photograph in the sense of being e.g. sepia, ambrotype, cyanotype, either originally or through a post-processing filter.
Or it could be any sort of digital image which has been given a hue, colour cast or some kind of filter so that all the colour in the images consists of different shades of one colour.
Or it might simply be that the subject matter of the photo, painting or drawing involves almost or completely one colour.
Or it colour be any digital image which has been so reduced in saturation, brilliance or contrast that each shade barely differs from grey.
I am taking the word ‘colour’ to mean not black or white. Black and white can be thought of as the darkest and lightest shade of any given colour.
Monochrome means almost the same thing as duotone!”

We have two winners for the “Monochrome, but not B&W” challenge: Berns, with A Blue Day, and Ivy Izzard, with The Web.

A Blue Day by Berns
A Blue Day

This beautiful image of Oliva Beach, Valencia, Spain is a great example of how the use of one colour can give a calm and dreamlike overall quality to an image. The subtle variation in the blues of the distant mountains receding into the mist is perfectly complemented by the sharper light and dark contrast which captures the crispness of the waves so effectively. And the simple, silhouetted figure in the middle distance gives the image a story.

The Web by Ivy Izzard
The Web

This is a lovely example of how choosing one narrow part of the colour spectrum and working with that can produce a stylish and evocative image. The masterful use of bluish greys for the soft but fine shading in this picture is part of what gives the image its mysterious feel, as the figure seems to be literally emerging from the foliage. I think this is a beautifully romantic and charming picture.

Congratulations to both our winners, who are now featured members for a while!

Happier, healthier – Challenge winner

Hello, friends. It’s time to share with you the most voted work in one of our latest challenges: Happier, healthier. The concept:

Art inspired by medication. You or someone you know may have experienced with an affliction that required a physician’s prescription. Share your art or clothing with medicated themes.

This not too popular challenge was inspired by octobray‘s piece Numb (be sure to comment on it).

Now, to our winner…

“And just who the hell wrote this damned book anyway?” by Helen Ruiz

What the artist said:

Acrylic on canvas (from my time series)
Someone once gave me a book on coping with chronic pain///LOL..didnt work

Inspired by Children – challenge winner

Children are one of the most inspirational things on this planet… they keep us going, teach us how to love purely, and help us find our lost inner child.

A Fairytale Awaits by Julie Thomas was voted challenge winner for Inspired by Children. Feel free to visit her RedBubble profile and leave a comment or favorite this moody and mysterious image.

Challenge winners: the six-word memoir / Brilliant Blurs (updated)

Happy Towel Day, everyone! We need to celebrate this very creative day with a couple of announcements: as we had previously shared with you, the six-word memoir is a force to be reckoned with. Nebsy knows all about this, and that’s why she was voted Six-Word Memoir challenge winner with this gem:

“Eat your cookie before it crumbles”.

Another six-word memoirs that was destined for greatness: “Suck it up Princess, Right now!” (Sonya Smith).

Also, the Brilliant Blurs challenge also has a winner… times 2: babibell and her stunning blurrific photo Jump.

Gavin Nolan and his Final Flight were also honored by the TBF voters.

“In the water” challenge winner

One of our latest challenges celebrated the life force present in H2O:

“Water is the symbol of life, purity, fertility, and wisdom, to name a few. Please enter submissions that show something in the water where the object clearly has a relationship with water itself”.

 Dawn OConnor submitted this hilarious frog semi-menàge atrois, called There are 3 of us in this relationship.

Inspired by faces and new avatar

Ok, so we’ve been very busy with several challenges. In case you haven’t dropped by, ShadowDancer launched a writing challenge a few weeks ago:

The human face is an incredible thing. With just one look it can render one speechless, cause joy, spread feelings of unity, and cause our biological clock to tick. It’s an easy target for photographers, but for writers it takes some excellent pen-waxing to bring the image to mind.

Clipics took a shot at merging visuals (audiovisuals, he included a Nick Cave song with his submission) with poetry:


sit by the window

a wistful feeling

my battered heart

still prepared to love

one day, I whisper

love will come my way

I have the time

to sit and wait


I sit by the window

and patiently pray

for One Day

Also, we had a new avatar challenge and gaele received the most votes…

As always, we urge you to pay more close attention to these featured artists’s galleries and… why not? Maybe purchase some of their art.

Group Challenge Winner – “Bring in the Heat!”

Our “Bring in the Heat” challenge brought in the best of the best when it comes to raw, hot emotions. Thanks to everyone that supported and entered the challenge.

Congrats to MagpieMagic for her winning entry “Heart of Fire” which will now be the avatar for our group.

Here are the remaining top ten pieces.