By myself but not alone – Challenge winner

Let’s congratulate Charmiene Maxwell-batten‘s winning photo, Golden Paddler, for our latest challenge, By myself but not alone (Metallica fans will get the reference).

P.S. This is our 200th post… thank you for reading, searching, commenting and liking us, fellow readers and bloggers!


The six-word memoir

I really should be in blogger’s rehab: not that I was ever able to write more than a few weekly paragraphs in english, I have been addicted to limiting myself to the six-word memoir, since January. I blame Marcy (and my Twitter habit) for my lack of blogger oxygen-intake, but hey… at least I’m writing, right? Though I’ve posted a lot of them in the writing section of my Red Bubble page, I share with you some of my Duffboy ones…

Your credit card is ready, sir

Recently experiencing late-night drama, not NBC-related.

Please say something, anything… well, nevermind.

No, this is far from over…

He refused to close his eyes.

The six-word memoir in Red Bubble? Here you go 🙂 Expect a challenge soon…

Work in progress by Mimi Yoon


I’m really taken back by Work in progress, a painting that’s part of a series by Mimi Yoon. Its straightforward approach to women and body image reminded me of a post I wrote a while ago, regarding Lizzie Miller and her natural body fat displayed in Glamour Magazine. If you’ve watched Nip/Tuck or Dr. 90210, you might be familiar with plastic surgery and its many potential pitfalls. Mimi’s work caught my eye instantly, as a great example of beauty that is skin deep, in this case.

Scribbling in the sand

I have been wanting to start a blog since before they were ‘hot’, but between a job that demanded 60 hours a week and my growing family, it was hard to justify getting away and focusing on writing something that perhaps only I will pay attention to.

Once I decided to create a blog, the next question was what will it’s focus be? What to write about, and why? Knowing the focus would surely answer what to name it. For me this was almost as complicated as writing an auto-biography.  I want it to be so much more than just a journal. I want it to have meaning, to make people think about things maybe they haven’t before,  to hear a new perspective, or even to find a voice with ideas similar to their own. Should I talk about business or family? Current events? Leave politics out or speak out on that as well?

When pondering all of this I realized my blog should be a reflection of my own spirit. If I’m going to upload my ideas for everyone to see, why keep it narrowed to one thing? So, that’s when I decided to make it a blog about a woman that is as many things as there are topics. A mother, business developer, creative marketing brain, accountant, college student, charity supporter. A woman who spends hours reading others ideas and opinions and wants to join them. A business woman that wants to grow her professional network, gaining mentors and peers that occasionally meet to learn and grow from each others synergy. An artist that is filled with paintings, poems, stories swirling around in her head. An idealist who dreams that perhaps someday her voice could change the world, or at least something, for the good. Isn’t that the definition of a woman in the 21st century?

So enough with this boring journey of my blog. While I can’t promise to blog daily or routinely, I promise that when I do blog I will be honest. If anyone reads this, the invitation to comment (positive or negative) is open and wanted. The goal of blogging really isn’t about me, it’s about perspectives. It’s about being touched by fire in the mind and soul and reimagining the world.