Contributing Bloggers


About Duffboy (Luis Fernando Alejos):

I’m a Guatemalan writer and photographer. I’ve published several books in spanish, including: Cabaret, El puñal y el corazón, posibles ausencias, Siete minutos en el cielo, El making of, Las víctimas de esta noche and A Puerta Cerrada. I’m a vegetarian and I’m happily married to Guatemalan photographer Katheleen Rosas (Mishu7).

You can find Duffboy’s own blog here.


About Sybille (MagpieMagic):

I am an artist working in lots of media: digitally – everything from painting digitally to photo manipulations – traditional media and also sculptures, jewellery, knitting, crochet and (needle) felting. There are just not enough hours in the day.
You can find Sybille’s own blog MagpieMagic here.

Rebecca Tun

About Rebecca Tun:

Otherwise known as Rebecca Tun the model, I’m also a small-time GWC – that is, a girl with a camera. I like to create strongly stylized pictures with a distinctive mood and genre. I’ve become used to categorizing my work into ‘Fashionart’ and ‘Lifeart’ but these aren’t mutually exclusive or sufficient any more. So, more loosely: my work is about the body, personality, stories, moods and, a lot of the time, style…which I guess is more generally charisma, and more restrictedly the presentations of fashion. I started my photography in Summer ’09, when I began to take photos of my sisters. They continue to be my muses whom I regularly kidnap, though I also love to work with professional models.

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