August 21, 2011 Features

As I was browsing through the many great artworks by TBF members, I realized it’s fun to let your imagination run wild and make a story that connects using various artworks.  This tale has a tragic ending.

Stairway to Heaven by Smudgers Art

Strasburg’s Night by Igor Zenin

feathers on the wind by Alenka Co

SKYCLAD SWORD by ArtofMorgaine

The Deeper You Go by Laurie Search

cool breeze by Ingz

Fairy Tale ~ Chateau Noisy by Jospehine Pugh

The Key to Many Hearts by James Leader

I can’t decide if I’ll let you save my life or if I’ll drown… by Tracey Mac

I am what you made me by strawberries

Message in a Bottle by Tamarra BaVincio

Night Walker by cosimopiro

Don’t be too dismissive of shifting sounds in the night
where persistent scratching on frosted window
may be the talons of ghoulish intentions;
where disembodied breathing that chills our spinal chord
be a madman’s razor laughter…
… and what of those twigs crunching blindly behind us
like brittle bones of curious wanderers,
as we walk innocently through a misty forest,
are they the creeping footsteps of a dark hunter’s quest
for beating hearts to feed upon?
Don’t be too casual
of shadows that float by in the corners of moonlight trickery,
elusive masked phantoms of light they may be,
sent to distract us from rational thought.
And that howling wind whistling a blood curdling tune
through the cracks of our stairways to Paradise,
might not that be the approach of sinister wants
to begin our dark imaginings?

Look behind the doors and under beds,
put the stuffed dolls in cupboards and cover the clown
before you lay your head to slumber,
for ruthless teeth await to chatter over flesh
and cacti tongues long to prickle our hopes
to suck and empty us of our deepest desires.
Draw the curtains,
for unseen eyes in the cover of darkness
watch our naïve comfort
ready for sleep to take us to their haunts
to peel our skin back to parade their skilful conquest;
and searching fingers pressing,
seeking our open mouths to slip the moans of ghosts
down our vulnerable throats
to possess our dreams and make them their own.
There be skeletons here,
of past dreams and childhood fancies,
that rise from the depths of blood filled oceans
to claim back flesh
before rot crawled and stripped it from sensual delights.

When alone and you feel warm breath upon your neck
but sends a chill from the grave to the end of your toes,
do you dare look behind
or do you close your eyes
and become a nightwalker ready to face your true fears?

The Ways of Travel – Features – 14/08/2011

Since these are the Summer months and many people are enjoying their holidays, I thought travel would be the perfect theme for this week’s features. However, travelling can be done in many ways: we travel to other places, inside and out, we travel with people, we watch other people travel through their lives and we talk of our journeys and impart the wisdome we have gained.

We’re starting with the ‘normal’ trip to another country, another place… Venice – wonderful all year round.

Rialto by © TaniaLosada

Rialto by © TaniaLosada

by TaniaLosada

There is something about travel that brings about the best or worst in us. This is the best, when you help your fellow traveller.

courage III by © uncleblack
here, let me take that,
let me carry it awhile

so the forms are made,
lines and colours
create the different shapes.

i can hold this,
sit down, this can be shared

ages wither and fade in time
we learn to prop up the old ones,
learn that our time will come.

you will never see the things
i have seen

the canyon was once a stream,

and i will see what will come
after you

as my skin is still young.

let me take this for a while
season this moment with courage,
let us both taste, now,
the beauty of our lives.

We take trips not just without, but within where there’s a whole universe (maybe many of them) which are well worth seeing…

astral travel by © vampvamp

astral travel by © vampvamp

That’s where the greatest disoveries are made – within.

IT ENDS WITHIN! by © cosimopiro
It ends here!
So… I offer this,
my battered armour,
my sword sheathed in its place of rest,
and I take up in their place instead
a pen and flimsy paper
to wrap you in the words of a condemned man
who finally found his voice.

I am a condemned man;
condemned by religious bigotry,
condemned by political agendas,
condemned by social class,
condemned by racial slurs.

I stand before you
judged by fear and hate,
cast out to the fringes
before the trial began.
In fact I was condemned before I was born;
condemned by the DNA of sin,
condemned by the past guilt of ancestors,
condemned by the stories of conquerors,
condemned by the swift hands of injustice.

I was born with the mark of a devil
and a crown of thorns
embedded deep in my psyche…

…such abuse should never be placed
upon the heads of innocence…

As a child I was told,
“Harden your heart,
toughen your skin,
tighten your grip,
don’t rock the boat, son,
toe the line, boy,
It’s a tough world out there,
no place for dreamers or losers!”

… and I never questioned who made it thus…

… but it is us
who carry the lies and deceits of monarchs, pontiffs, and generals,
we who question not
those who command our youth into wars,
who even in peace time
sit on their golden thrones
and feed us crumbs to keep us pecking.


… cut me and I’ll bleed,
break my heart and I’ll cry,
threaten me and I’ll be fearful,
but put me in shackles?
For although I am steeped in condemnation
and I am guilty of silent resignation,

… within…

Sometimes we find a fellow traveller to share some of the distance with us…

I Found Love On A Two-Way Street by © Tamarra BaVincio

I Found Love On A Two-Way Street by © Tamarra BaVincio

and sometimes we find ourselves alone again, to travel onwards to new destinations.

someone by © Nathan Emery
someone please turn off the sound
of everything
because i’m so damn tired
of listening
eyes are heavy
and i’m worn down
so please love or hate me now-
but choose
because falling off
is scarier than jumping off.

the days are blurring together
into what feels like seconds
and i hate it.
god how i hate it.
everyone is leaving-
oh wait that’s me
and maybe i’m just waiting
for someone to take my hand
and pull me away
from the ledges i always get lost on.
but now i’m rotting
in ten story air.

i wish someone
would just tell me the god damn truth
cause i’m so sick
of second guessing the world
when all I want
is someone to love.
and it feels like tonight will be
the last time i will ever breathe
in your company
and i can’t do anything about it
until it’ll be too late,
cause i’ve always lived
a few minutes behind.

it’s this air i breathe;
i swear somedays it’s poison
and makes my stomach empty
like the words i say.
but i hope someday
someone will hold my hand
and give me an escape;
into their eyes and heart,
and maybe climb the walls
around mine.

When we’re young it’s easy to seize the day, and make every second last a life time. It comes naturally.

Every Second of Every Day by © tori yule

Every Second of Every Day by © tori yule

It’s when we get older that we listen for the silence and our place in it.

Silence Is. by © imagineation
Silence is eraser shavings.

It is the space in-between a smile and a goodbye. A word and the page it is no longer on.

Silence is a mouth interrupted. A hug halfway through. An arm around the waist for a second.

It is the last three words of a sentence cut short. Because no one was listening anyway.

Silence is an unsent letter.

It is signing your name by listening too hard.

Silence is a siren on what must be a busy street, the clatter of what must’ve been a misplaced dish, the beep beep beep of a dial tone.

Silence is when you hear the most

Because you’re listening so hard

For something else.

We watch our children start on their journeys and we hope and we pray.

Run baby, run! by © Caterpillar

Run baby, run! by © Caterpillar

We treasure every moment of all the time we spent together and hope for more.

I Have Only Met You by © kashmirecho
I have only met you
Only known you a short while
And already you are leaving
Traveling across the country
To start a new journey
In a new place
Let’s hope our time apart
Is short in the scheme of things
And that we will see each other again
And spend many more moments together
Making splendid memories
As we have already done

We try to impart some knowledge and wisdom before our ways part.

The Godkeeper 32 by © Alenka Co

The Godkeeper 32 by © Alenka Co

And, once we go on different journeys, what is left but travel within to find ourselves.

What is growth but a difference between now and then? by © DominicSavio

I would do anything for
but what do I
when the thing I have
is nothing?
That’s when
the tables have turned
you see
and the question becomes
not what do I do with
but what [the heck]
do I do

I hope you enjoyed the journey. Please tell the artists and leave a comment on their pages if you liked what you saw. Have a lovely weekend!

Features for the week of 7/17/11

Dreamy…neurotic…eerie. Enjoy =)

[ tren de vise ] by
[ tren de vise ] by Irina & Silviu Szekely

Goodnight by ajgosling

Crawl Away
The Red runs all down your arms, from the mess where your fingertips used to be, to the slices on your palms, to the grazes on your forearms. There are only two things going through your mind.
One, get somewhere small, dark and safe.
Two, how good The Red feels now that it’s all over you again.
You pull yourself to somewhere dark and safe, where the little shadow boy inside you comes out again, and his tears mix with The Red and you take your grief out on the thinning crystal box of your mind.
A Boy called Star

a symptom of neurotic insecurity by strawberries

The Collector II
People placed just so
Against a wall
Or in a corner
Ready to be moved
At a moment’s whim
A world filled with
Statues, puppets
A shadow play
Everything stays
A game
A toy train
Going round
Round in circles
A one-way street
No connection
Just a need
Born from the want
To belong
Reviewed with
A smug smile
A pleased grin
A blindfold
Glued to the face
Until the day
The light goes off
The ceiling comes down
The walls fall apart
Brick by brick
No safety net
All is still
All is quiet
No reply
No answer
The blindfold slips
Realisation hits
The world
Has moved on
Somewhere else
Sybille Sterk

Waiting to Hatch by Matteo Pontonutti

This mound of earth
No longer an island home for thousands,
Surrounded by the sea
The sea that gently, but insistently
Lashes against it sides
Eating away at it until it is no more
And no one remembers
If it ever existed here
And I,
Just like the mound of earth
My body tugged at
By death
Gently, but insistently,
Until I am no more
And no one remembers,
If I ever existed here.
Paul (Quixote) Alleyn

Midnight at La Fenice by AngiandSilas

States of Known Depression
Circular characters darken the front of the stand alone train
Following trails of thought across tracks in the deep winters rain
Cold and lonely existence through states of known depression
Memories infest and embed like maggots manifest repression
Swatting the fly on the wall, ending life with no thought
Stains of blood creep down, infectious to the mind you caught
In the open room where nothing is there, walls washed white
All known desires fade, adrenaline kicks in, fight or flight?
Question the means and purposes of the dissonant realms
Incoherent dispiriting attacks devastate and overwhelm
What is the purpose?
Why does one wish to acquire happiness?
A useless yet desirable state
Intense joy a depressive learns to dispossess
As we constantly think about our inevitable fate
A taboo to talk but an act we do alone
In our own time, without rational choice
Screaming at loved ones in angry tones
The ones who look forward are the ones that constantly look back…
Regretful people who wanted a different course through life
Wishing to change decisions and cut old journeys with a knife
Envying the people who are happy and ignorant
Ones with minds free of impotence
Depression an illness that catches the many
Locking themselves in, throwing away the key
Offer a hand, be willing to see
That depression is an illness, and depression caught me.

The Waning Phase of The Man in The Moon by Laughing Bones

Psychic in Cyberspace
“I see a man mistakenly
in love with a computer,
with its sublimely neutral
world of details blooming
bountiful in its infinitely
trivial vitality, and he is
probing manfully for that
one essential but improbable
fact, that microscopic
mechanism throbbing
sweetly somewhere out
in the exponentially,
increasingly populous
night between the stars –
or the atoms – but the
virtual universe has such
surface-tension shimmering
iridescent all over the
theoretically expanding bubble
… bursting someday… so
hurry, hurry and locate
and identify it before she
can flower and fruit and
give birth to the competition.”

All I Ever Wanted Was Your Heart by ewanthot

Flowers and a Muted Colour Palette – Features 5/06/2011

With Summer getting into full swing I thought it’d be time to do features that included some of the many stunning flower images that are submitted to the group. I mixed them up with some writing and images of a thoughtful nature to create – I hope – something special. See for yourself. 🙂

I am starting us off with this wonderful macro shot of a poppy. In England poppies are worn for rememberance.

Poppy Macro by © Rafferty-Evans

Poppy Macro by © Rafferty-Evans

This seemed the perfect poem to counterbalance the exuberance of the image and to enhance the deeper meaning of the poppy image at the same time.

time of reason by © uncleblack

this time of mine,
grows mechanised , grows inhuman
as if all history
is left behind,
in flames and ash.

we cannot scrub it any cleaner,
but still we try,
as if all history
is left behind.

when it comes it really comes,
and nothing hurts,
quite like the loss of love,
but greater still,
the loss of time.

The next image leads on from the idea of remembering those lost and the things lost and not to let them go.

Remembering by © Tamarra BaVincio

Remembering by © Tamarra BaVincio

The mystical quality of this poem leads us on deeper into the mystery of remembering, not just what was, but who we are.

and I shall see the wings of birds by © darkvampire

and I shall
see the wings of
as gossamer
onto forest
I shall look
the mould on the
bark of
and it will
speak to me

I will lay down the bright
whose voices will
not be
and they will show
what is to

for I am a teller of
a reader of the wrinkled
a poor traveller in a
land of
and tapestried
woven of the

More poppies, but this time in a beautiful half light, glowing like embers.

Red on blue by © Luis Mariano González

Red on blue by © Luis Mariano González

And this poem reminds us of the magic of nature.

plant by © hollyann

a root and store
of sweet return
set in the ground
with tender hands

the shoot
the bud
the gentle
how did
a seed
a world
a jewel
of such

each section
it’s own
each lesson

the fertile land
brings forth
a glad result
of heaven’s toil

The melancholy of this image caught my eye.

Way to blue by © Sukhwinder Flora

Way to blue by © Sukhwinder Flora

And here’s the perfect partner for the melancholy in the image. If I didn’t know better I’d say one was inspired by the other.

A million pieces of blue by © kashmirecho

I feel broken
But not in two
I’m a million pieces of blue
A shattered mess
Needing some glue
Something to put me back together
To make this mess
Into a woman
One less reckless
One less broken
Is it useless?
Is it hopeful?
I don’t have a clue
I’m just a shattered mess
Waiting for some glue
Until then I’m just here
A million pieces of blue

After all this blue feeling we’re allowed a wish. Will it come true? We’ll see…

Make a Wish by © Tamarra BaVincio

Make a Wish by © Tamarra BaVincio

Maybe not, we’re still lingering in the realms of blue….

Frayed by © singerchick

You must know most of my plans come to naught.*
Not from lack of desire; rather,
My failure to tie a knot in the loose ends
Of my unraveling.
These threads have minds of their own;
Fashioning themselves into new patterns,
Draping me in different adventures.
Tethering and leading me in diverse directions
As we all know, life is what happens
While you’re making other plans.

(*From Love poem no.5 – Canal by Michael Dec)

From red and blue we’ve surely turned to black and white and all the shades of grey.

Stop – Think. by © James Leader

Stop – Think. by © James Leader

I leave you with this wonderful poem, which seems appropriate with all the goings-on recently.

Hate by © Rhenastarr

Hate is a fire
that consumes
once it’s embers
have been fueled
It burns bright and hot
giving no thought to
the pain it will inflict
the damage it will cause
Soul searing pain
that ends up
punishing all
Words spew from hateful
masking the denial of
those too full of imperfections
they can not see
Leaving scars that
will never heal
Peal away the blisters from
damaged skin,
damaged humanity remains
Echoes of prejudice and
rain down on
those unfortunate enough
to be caught in the blaze
of hate
What Hate has consumed throughout
the years
Heed the advice from the ages
Let the advice of those who were singed
by the flame
burn deep into the soul
The world will one day CRUMBLE
as hate carries us to the FALL

Hope you enjoyed the features. Don’t forget to leave a comment to congratulate the artists featured today. xo

sticks and stones… (by Alenka Co)

When I was little I was told
that sticks and stones may break my bones
but words will never hurt me
yet words can stab the heart, my friend,
incite fear and hate and suspicion …..

When I was older I was told
the pen is mightier than the sword
but pens run out of ink, my friend,
and all the words that were ever writ
will never bring back the dead
and yet ….
words can heal,
soothe a grieving heart,
reach out to the lonely soul
share the pain we cannot bear alone
express the love we feel for one another

sticks and stones....

On RedBubble

A Touch of Winter in the Midst of Spring – TBF features 08/05/2011

Bittersweet features this time round. Spring always seems to hide a few touches of the last winter, and so do our hearts, in the midst of new growth and stretching to the light we remember the darkness of winter.

This weeks features are starting off with this amazing image which seems to encapsulate all I wanted to say today.

Hatching Thoughts by © Matteo Pontonutti

Hatching Thoughts by © Matteo Pontonutti

And from hatching we go to fishing, what better way to find out if there’s something out there?

Fishing for Happiness by © HamperRefuser

Fishing rods dangle from the sky
With tempting happiness
As bait on the hooks

The lonely and depressed take a bite
Tasting only sour
Another illusion
Forcing them to cower

The nibble allows them to take flight
Elevating away
Ironically for their dispiriting plight
They know of nothing else to choose
Lacking awareness
Intrinsic sadness is their only news

They see expressionless visions
Of two dimensional prisons
No corners to turn
A way to hide
From the depths of their minds

Wasting time on building something new
A new beginning, to tame the few

Unaccepted gestures

Generic questions


Imaginative memories
Blind the past
And fail to relieve agony
Trapped by their state
Trapped by their tradegy.

The catch is thrown back
Into the pool of life
The same outlook,

Incarcerated mind.

Teasingly they dangle just above a fire
The end is close
Seeking for purpose
And something to hold
Their beautiful friend looks on
Their ugly friend looks cold

Perspective was flawed
Emotions were not restored
And with this their being
Will forever stay ignored.

Spring calling with light and soft breezes.

Light as the Air by © Laurie Search

Light as the Air by © Laurie Search

Back to the memories of winter.

stuart adamson by © uncleblack

bag of old cassettes ,
all broken backs and faded pages,
unravelled twines
the works of great and ungreat minds
static. remnants and remembrances.

in the world I was in
there were songs playing,
and meanings were found
in the layers, listening into twilight
listening through dawn,
into day and into growth.

short years of of my life,
upwards towards the light,

leaving the baby behind,
finding my way.

I found this old bag of cassettes,
and a letter I sent,
thought of you hung there in that hotel room,
with no view, and finally with eyes closed, nothing left
of the morning.

and your voice is no more heard,
except in here, your voice, your words.

then i wonder if our echoes return,
if someone listens,
and far away.

However the glory of Spring will not be suppressed for very long.

honey rain by © Ingz

honey rain by © Ingz

And here it is in all its glory.

Love came by © LoveWitness

Love came
In the colour of the warmth of the soft morning sun

Love came
As the clear blue calming waves
Inviting me to dive in its depths
Frothing purity washing my dirt
Throwing colourful pure jewels at my feet

Love came
In the strength of the broad shoulders of the mountains
Offering to carry me in its back
Proposing to give me eternal heights of ecstacy
If I will climb it
Presenting me with forever
Love came

The magic of Spring can be found everywhere, if one cares to look.

Quiet and unassuming by © Rebecca Tun

Quiet and unassuming by © Rebecca Tun

And sometimes we find that magical special place where Spring is forever and always waiting.

the hollow by © hollyann

this is the place
that holds
the treasure
where i go
when without measure
dreams are cast
filigree and flight
this is the place
in the hollow
a space where
anything can happen
and just might
with room
to breathe
and softly sleep
as trends of music
veer and waft
i feel at home
and silently smile
the hollow
keeps me alive
and helps my energy
to thrive
the hollow
a home
for all magic
the hollow
a home for all magic
a home for all magic

And it glows in the twilight and beckons us ever onwards.

Flores by © Luis Mariano González

Flores by © Luis Mariano González

And it touches us deeply, Spring with a touch of Winter…. or maybe it’s the other way round?

bittersweet and beautiful by © autumnwind

etched deep within me
she is the bright
white yellow
of ethereal beauty

moments in time
the delicate power
of lilac’s scent
permeate the breath of her

the sea of golden grasses
own her heart
as the winds command
their ballet and song
which she consumes
so dreamily drawn

her pain
her gift
her tears
her words

her joy
the world

I think of numbers
and falling stars

the queen of magic

I think of eight…
and this year
maybe for many before
I hold her tight

we share
a sacred cave
of cold and dark

at times…
the light
(often hers she shines so bright)

when there is whisper
in the winds
my hairs stand on end
to spin a spirit dance
of knowing…

feeling you strongly today
my sister

I have always missed you

stay close
to beautiful promises

will be waiting for you…
as I forever recall
and hold onto your words

“meet me in the light…”

All the glory of the brief flowering of Spring in one painting. There’s nothing so wonderful as the cherryblossom and magnolias heralding Spring.

Magnolias by © Tamarra BaVincio

Magnolias by © Tamarra BaVincio

It’s here then it’s gone again for another year, leaving us with the glory of Summer.

Where are the colors ..? by © redolentquill

Fish a book of lies

Out of a mossy well of life

And sweep off its ashes

When they have soiled

Three days upon your steps

Leading to browning life

And greening hope

Which needs burning

Greedily chasing

The purple of those dreams

Hunting with tears

Shielding with smoke

Craving for a browning green

A greening brown sheen

Lost upon a delayed return

Broken in pounded dreams

Invisible inside a fortress

Whose walls are painted

In mirages and miracles

And there still is hunger

Eating me

For the green brown

For the olive gold

For the whirling stars

Behind the hazel sphere

The green brown of your eyes

Enjoy and be sure to vist the featured artist’s pages to congratulate them. 🙂

xo Sybille

TBF Features Sunday, 10/04/2011 – Nature within

All features start with one single image or piece of writing that influences all the other choices I make thereafter, at least for me. This time it was Anne Straub’s Focus on Spring. There is something so precious in the fragility of nature and she does it so very well. Nature should touch you deeply and the connection should be emotional as well as spiritual and from this connection all others arise. Sorry, I feel quite strongly about this and I hope the emotion and depth of feeling shows in all the pieces I’ve chosen.

Focus on Spring by © Anne Staub

Focus on Spring by © Anne Staub

And here is the perfect poem to match Anne’s wonderful capture of nature.

joy by © uncleblack

let the day unfold before us,
as the blossom bursts on the cherry tree,
a smattering of sweet petals
that lay like snowflakes on the leaves.

frogspawn blows bubbles across the pond
and sits afloat in its own splendid growth.

let my eyes only see what
sits ahead, and in front of me.
when closed i will feel the sun smarten my neck
a song will rise in my lungs.

i will give way,
to be here, this is now, and
there is no more joy greater than this.

From the joy of now to the promise of dreams and how we need to hold on to them.

Accroches-toi à ton rève… by © Tracey Mac

Accroches-toi à ton rève… by © Tracey Mac

Our dreams don’t always work out the way we want them to, but that’s no reason to give up or give in.

Princess Wannabe by © mss3

She went to her love
Hoping he would see
The beautiful she’d found
A wonderful discovery

God she loved that man
He turned her inside out
The news she had today
Would make him turn about

She wasn’t bound to give up on love
Or all the words they’d shared
Promises said in heartbeats
Made when souls were bared

She dreamed this news wonderful
The start of a journey together
Little did she know whom she gave her heart
And he responded with harsh answer

She was heavy with child
He wanted to be free
She pleaded for him to stay
In haste he chose to flee

A child now suckles her breast
One day she’ll explain history
For now it’s a cuddle and coo
In the life of Princess Wannabe

And there are those sublime moments when we feel a deep connection and are totally blown away by it.

The Dance III (sinn) by © pauldrobertson

The Dance III (sinn) by © pauldrobertson

Even if we don’t always get it right the first time, if we’re lucky there are second or even third chances. If it’s meant to happen, it will.

a moment in time by © mohawk man

decades ago i felt at once
that we
were meant to be
at that moment
i fell in love with you
one more time
your head thrown back
with a little laugh
and that look in your eye
told me that we
had found our way back
to each other
two years passed
and i found
myself leaving
for the next twenty
i felt lost
and alone
until the day
we found each other
one more time
and that look in your eye
is just the same
and we will never be apart
for i will not leave
your loving side
not one more time

Although there are those connections that just seem to run through our fingers like water.

Entropy of Love by © Adam Howie

Entropy of Love by © Adam Howie

When we wish that we had that second chance to get it right.

If only time……….. by © SimplyRed

If only time gave me a second chance
would I sing instead of dance
would I be thankful
for what I take for granted

would I laugh and smile
knowing it was the last time
of shared moments….
of forever

a brief glimpse of tomorrow
bittersweet to the taste
and all consuming
of the NOW……….

cries of the too LATE
are not for
general consumption
enjoy the here and always

licking lips with a grin
of always treasue the
best moments

love life …………
seize it with both hands
drink from
it’s cup ….

quenching your thirst
with welcoming hands
no dress rehearsal
the stage is set ……..

In those moments we watch ourselves and the world and wonder.

The eye by © madworld

The eye by © madworld

Trying to find ourselves and our way back.

Today… by © Nathan Emery

I feel rather numb.
My mind, disconnected from my heart,
both disconnected from my body.
I’m that puzzle piece
nobody can ever seem to find
at the very end;
the box is empty but there’s still
one spot left.
Walking oblivious to the turmoil
that surrounds my everyday
like some sort of emotional hurricane,
I am the eye; the dead spot
in the very center spinning
like an old scratchy record
with no music.
Today the world moves in slow motion;
a blur of bodies and color melt together around me
swaying through my eyes as I blink,
trying to at least pretend
I’m even here at all,
and not feeling so invisible.

Because, of course, there is no place like home.

There’s No Place Like Home by © Matthew Pugh

There’s No Place Like Home by © Matthew Pugh

Home doesn’t have to be a place either, home is where your heart is.

Say by © LoveWitness

My beautiful reality
Exists within the parameters
Of the world
Of your words

Untie the knots
Of my deception
Undress the lies
They are stinking rags

Say a word
Shower me like rain
I close my eyes
I am crowned
With jewels
Better than diamonds
Purer than silver
I covet your words
More than gold
I wait for your voice

That’s it for this week. Hope you enjoyed the show. 🙂


Features for 27th March 2011 – Psychological Landscapes

I recently launched a challenge called ‘Psychological Landscapes’, so in continuation of that theme I’ve chosen 12 artworks which depict an imaginary scene and use symbolic elements of the scenery as metaphors for an internal state or and introspective narrative. (I’ve had two feature sessions in a row now where I’ve just featured images and no writing, so next time it’s my turn I’ll make a point of focusing on written pieces!)

Possibilities by Tara Lemana
I like the serene simplicity of this piece and its dreamlike quality, while it also gives a sense of loneliness and grandeur.
Possibilities by Tara Lemana

Cold Comfort by Graeme Hindmarsh
This surreal and minimalist piece explores “isolation and alienation in the modern world” (Graeme Hindmarsh). Despite its simplicity it contains many messages and it’s the sort of piece that you could look at for a while. Interesting and original work!
Cold Comfort by Graeme Hindmarsh

My way by Jacky
This image along with its title conveys such a dramatic sense of directionality, with its use of leading lines to the vanishing point on the horizon both in the skyscape and the landscape. It’s striking in its energy, boldness and richness.
My way by Jacky

No Name by Manolya F.
This piece conveys a powerful message and seems open to various interpretations. One commentator eloquently said “We either walk into despair or into hope. From the darkend sky there appears great light and energy that seems to recharge the water. Perhaps going into it will somehow recharge us in the process. You choose.” (RoyAllenHunt)
No Name by Manolya F.

without my wings by strawberries
strawberries says that this image was inspired by Britney Spears’ song ‘Everytime’. I think it’s a beautiful song and this is a fantastic, darkly stylish interpretation of it!
without my wings by strawberries

And when the Clock stops.. by Matteo Pontonutti
“…how will they remember me?” Like a lot of Matteo Pontonutti‘s work this has a cold feeling of enormity about it, with its use of huge barren landscapes – this time exploring the stark and overwhelming fact of mortality.
And when the Clock stops.. by Matteo Pontonutti

Echoes…. by Carol Knudsen
This image was inspired by the Pink Floyd song ‘Echoes’ which starts with the lyrics “Overhead the albatross hangs motionless upon the air / And deep beneath the rolling waves / In labyrinths of coral caves / The echo of a distant tide / Comes willowing across the sand”. I love the cool melancholy in this picture. An inspired and inspiring piece.
Echoes.... by Carol Knudsen

endless solitary by vampvamp
A beautiful and poetic image, brilliant use of white space. There is something very philosophical about it…
endless solitary by vampvamp

the perplexity of L O S T by Fiery-Fire
Inspired by Salvador Dali, this surreal piece combines natural, emotive symbolism with fantastical symbolism, combining the realistic with the impossible to create a rather perplexing and intriguing image!
the perplexity of L O S T by Fiery-Fire

Cirrus by Randy Monteith
‘Cirrus clouds are cloud characterized by thin, wisplike strands, often bunched into tufts’ (says Wikipedia). I don’t know how to interpret this picture myself, but I just love its fresh, airy, bright and breezy feel.
Cirrus by Randy Monteith

Rising against…. by nanaris
This has such a feminine, earthy appeal and tells an intriguing story which can be interpreted in many ways…
Rising against.... by nanaris

Drowning in a Sea of Tears by Sandra Bauser Digital Art
I’ve had my eye on this piece for a while, waiting for an opportunity to feature it. It’s beautifully emotive and the crisp quality of the processing is sublime…
Drowning in a Sea of Tears by Sandra Bauser Digital Art

–from Rebecca Tun

8th Feb 2011 features – Touched By Fire

It’s great that there’s so much excellent work in the Touched By Fire group that I was able to go through just a portion of the gallery looking for art that could specifically be interpreted as meaning “touched by fire”, AND I was spoilt for choice!

Mundoo 49 by Alenka Co
Touched by an inner glow

Effervescence by LisaMM
Touched by a searing passion

Inferno by ajgosling
Touched by lightning

DON'T LOOK BACK!! by Sherri...Charmaine Nicholas
Touched by God’s wrath

Patience, Claire. by Matteo Pontonutti
Touched by magic

Lake of golden light - swan silhouette by Penny V P
Touched by the setting sun

LOVE - Seascape by Linda Callaghan
Touched by unquencahble infatuation

Moo Two - by pauldrobertson
Posessed by a burning rage

I Am Woman, So Am I by Leni Kae
Touched by a lover – the joyful inner heat

The loss of sanity by scott black
Tortured by a relentless sorrowful energy

The Surface of the Sun by Martin Millar
Touched by the beauty of light

Sun-racer by Penny Kittel
Moved by the exhilarating heat of the moment

by Rebecca Tun