About ShadowDancer

I dance in the rain, spend too much time reading books, and live for my family. I am a gypsy, poet, musician, and artist. But most of all, I am a butterfly fairy that floats atop my dreams. Come dream with me.

This blog was created as an outlet for myself and hopefully some inspiration for others.

PJ Djennel is a poet, musician, and artist, although she is most recognized for her writing. In addition to Touched by Fire, she has a personal blog site at Dream With Me where she features her own art and writing. When asked why she created this blog, she says:

The act of experiencing art should burn through your cortex, resurrect your soul, and be exhaled as your own breath. I hope that my contribution to the art world through my own art, as well as through blogging, will fan the flames of passion about it across the world.

6 thoughts on “About ShadowDancer

  1. Hello, ShadowDancer, I’ve been looking at the pictures and reading the words in your redbubble gallery – you’ll see the comments I’ve written to you there. I want you to know that I admire your spirit and the creative actions you’ve taken to follow that spirit wherever it leads you. You are performing multiple roles in your life, and seem to be doing so with grace and success. I will continue to watch for your new work, and I wish you continued fulfillment through your family and your art. Feel free to write me with any thoughts on family, art, and anything else whenever you wish. You may do so via bubblemail or you may use my regular email address. All the best, Peter

  2. Thank you ShadowDancer for publishing my little piece here on your blog. Here is a quote I think you will love:
    The perception of Beauty is nutrition for the Soul
    The creation of Beauty is exercise for the Soul
    The living of Beauty is fulfillment for the the Soul
    The source of Beauty is the Beloved of the Soul

    The only proper use of ‘Art,’ and its only real value, especially in times like these, is to reflect the soul’s brightest visions into temporal form.
    By crystallizing the finest flames of awareness
    into patterns of sound, color, or movement,
    a jewel may be made of such Beauty that it
    illuminates the path of conscious evolution
    for all who gaze into its depths.
    This is the expression that all true artists seek

    By Jade Giesen

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