Flowers and a Muted Colour Palette – Features 5/06/2011

With Summer getting into full swing I thought it’d be time to do features that included some of the many stunning flower images that are submitted to the group. I mixed them up with some writing and images of a thoughtful nature to create – I hope – something special. See for yourself. 🙂

I am starting us off with this wonderful macro shot of a poppy. In England poppies are worn for rememberance.

Poppy Macro by © Rafferty-Evans

Poppy Macro by © Rafferty-Evans

This seemed the perfect poem to counterbalance the exuberance of the image and to enhance the deeper meaning of the poppy image at the same time.

time of reason by © uncleblack

this time of mine,
grows mechanised , grows inhuman
as if all history
is left behind,
in flames and ash.

we cannot scrub it any cleaner,
but still we try,
as if all history
is left behind.

when it comes it really comes,
and nothing hurts,
quite like the loss of love,
but greater still,
the loss of time.

The next image leads on from the idea of remembering those lost and the things lost and not to let them go.

Remembering by © Tamarra BaVincio

Remembering by © Tamarra BaVincio

The mystical quality of this poem leads us on deeper into the mystery of remembering, not just what was, but who we are.

and I shall see the wings of birds by © darkvampire

and I shall
see the wings of
as gossamer
onto forest
I shall look
the mould on the
bark of
and it will
speak to me

I will lay down the bright
whose voices will
not be
and they will show
what is to

for I am a teller of
a reader of the wrinkled
a poor traveller in a
land of
and tapestried
woven of the

More poppies, but this time in a beautiful half light, glowing like embers.

Red on blue by © Luis Mariano González

Red on blue by © Luis Mariano González

And this poem reminds us of the magic of nature.

plant by © hollyann

a root and store
of sweet return
set in the ground
with tender hands

the shoot
the bud
the gentle
how did
a seed
a world
a jewel
of such

each section
it’s own
each lesson

the fertile land
brings forth
a glad result
of heaven’s toil

The melancholy of this image caught my eye.

Way to blue by © Sukhwinder Flora

Way to blue by © Sukhwinder Flora

And here’s the perfect partner for the melancholy in the image. If I didn’t know better I’d say one was inspired by the other.

A million pieces of blue by © kashmirecho

I feel broken
But not in two
I’m a million pieces of blue
A shattered mess
Needing some glue
Something to put me back together
To make this mess
Into a woman
One less reckless
One less broken
Is it useless?
Is it hopeful?
I don’t have a clue
I’m just a shattered mess
Waiting for some glue
Until then I’m just here
A million pieces of blue

After all this blue feeling we’re allowed a wish. Will it come true? We’ll see…

Make a Wish by © Tamarra BaVincio

Make a Wish by © Tamarra BaVincio

Maybe not, we’re still lingering in the realms of blue….

Frayed by © singerchick

You must know most of my plans come to naught.*
Not from lack of desire; rather,
My failure to tie a knot in the loose ends
Of my unraveling.
These threads have minds of their own;
Fashioning themselves into new patterns,
Draping me in different adventures.
Tethering and leading me in diverse directions
As we all know, life is what happens
While you’re making other plans.

(*From Love poem no.5 – Canal by Michael Dec)

From red and blue we’ve surely turned to black and white and all the shades of grey.

Stop – Think. by © James Leader

Stop – Think. by © James Leader

I leave you with this wonderful poem, which seems appropriate with all the goings-on recently.

Hate by © Rhenastarr

Hate is a fire
that consumes
once it’s embers
have been fueled
It burns bright and hot
giving no thought to
the pain it will inflict
the damage it will cause
Soul searing pain
that ends up
punishing all
Words spew from hateful
masking the denial of
those too full of imperfections
they can not see
Leaving scars that
will never heal
Peal away the blisters from
damaged skin,
damaged humanity remains
Echoes of prejudice and
rain down on
those unfortunate enough
to be caught in the blaze
of hate
What Hate has consumed throughout
the years
Heed the advice from the ages
Let the advice of those who were singed
by the flame
burn deep into the soul
The world will one day CRUMBLE
as hate carries us to the FALL

Hope you enjoyed the features. Don’t forget to leave a comment to congratulate the artists featured today. xo

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