A Touch of Winter in the Midst of Spring – TBF features 08/05/2011

Bittersweet features this time round. Spring always seems to hide a few touches of the last winter, and so do our hearts, in the midst of new growth and stretching to the light we remember the darkness of winter.

This weeks features are starting off with this amazing image which seems to encapsulate all I wanted to say today.

Hatching Thoughts by © Matteo Pontonutti

Hatching Thoughts by © Matteo Pontonutti

And from hatching we go to fishing, what better way to find out if there’s something out there?

Fishing for Happiness by © HamperRefuser

Fishing rods dangle from the sky
With tempting happiness
As bait on the hooks

The lonely and depressed take a bite
Tasting only sour
Another illusion
Forcing them to cower

The nibble allows them to take flight
Elevating away
Ironically for their dispiriting plight
They know of nothing else to choose
Lacking awareness
Intrinsic sadness is their only news

They see expressionless visions
Of two dimensional prisons
No corners to turn
A way to hide
From the depths of their minds

Wasting time on building something new
A new beginning, to tame the few

Unaccepted gestures

Generic questions


Imaginative memories
Blind the past
And fail to relieve agony
Trapped by their state
Trapped by their tradegy.

The catch is thrown back
Into the pool of life
The same outlook,

Incarcerated mind.

Teasingly they dangle just above a fire
The end is close
Seeking for purpose
And something to hold
Their beautiful friend looks on
Their ugly friend looks cold

Perspective was flawed
Emotions were not restored
And with this their being
Will forever stay ignored.

Spring calling with light and soft breezes.

Light as the Air by © Laurie Search

Light as the Air by © Laurie Search

Back to the memories of winter.

stuart adamson by © uncleblack

bag of old cassettes ,
all broken backs and faded pages,
unravelled twines
the works of great and ungreat minds
static. remnants and remembrances.

in the world I was in
there were songs playing,
and meanings were found
in the layers, listening into twilight
listening through dawn,
into day and into growth.

short years of of my life,
upwards towards the light,

leaving the baby behind,
finding my way.

I found this old bag of cassettes,
and a letter I sent,
thought of you hung there in that hotel room,
with no view, and finally with eyes closed, nothing left
of the morning.

and your voice is no more heard,
except in here, your voice, your words.

then i wonder if our echoes return,
if someone listens,
and far away.

However the glory of Spring will not be suppressed for very long.

honey rain by © Ingz

honey rain by © Ingz

And here it is in all its glory.

Love came by © LoveWitness

Love came
In the colour of the warmth of the soft morning sun

Love came
As the clear blue calming waves
Inviting me to dive in its depths
Frothing purity washing my dirt
Throwing colourful pure jewels at my feet

Love came
In the strength of the broad shoulders of the mountains
Offering to carry me in its back
Proposing to give me eternal heights of ecstacy
If I will climb it
Presenting me with forever
Love came

The magic of Spring can be found everywhere, if one cares to look.

Quiet and unassuming by © Rebecca Tun

Quiet and unassuming by © Rebecca Tun

And sometimes we find that magical special place where Spring is forever and always waiting.

the hollow by © hollyann

this is the place
that holds
the treasure
where i go
when without measure
dreams are cast
filigree and flight
this is the place
in the hollow
a space where
anything can happen
and just might
with room
to breathe
and softly sleep
as trends of music
veer and waft
i feel at home
and silently smile
the hollow
keeps me alive
and helps my energy
to thrive
the hollow
a home
for all magic
the hollow
a home for all magic
a home for all magic

And it glows in the twilight and beckons us ever onwards.

Flores by © Luis Mariano González

Flores by © Luis Mariano González

And it touches us deeply, Spring with a touch of Winter…. or maybe it’s the other way round?

bittersweet and beautiful by © autumnwind

etched deep within me
she is the bright
white yellow
of ethereal beauty

moments in time
the delicate power
of lilac’s scent
permeate the breath of her

the sea of golden grasses
own her heart
as the winds command
their ballet and song
which she consumes
so dreamily drawn

her pain
her gift
her tears
her words

her joy
the world

I think of numbers
and falling stars

the queen of magic

I think of eight…
and this year
maybe for many before
I hold her tight

we share
a sacred cave
of cold and dark

at times…
the light
(often hers she shines so bright)

when there is whisper
in the winds
my hairs stand on end
to spin a spirit dance
of knowing…

feeling you strongly today
my sister

I have always missed you

stay close
to beautiful promises

will be waiting for you…
as I forever recall
and hold onto your words

“meet me in the light…”

All the glory of the brief flowering of Spring in one painting. There’s nothing so wonderful as the cherryblossom and magnolias heralding Spring.

Magnolias by © Tamarra BaVincio

Magnolias by © Tamarra BaVincio

It’s here then it’s gone again for another year, leaving us with the glory of Summer.

Where are the colors ..? by © redolentquill

Fish a book of lies

Out of a mossy well of life

And sweep off its ashes

When they have soiled

Three days upon your steps

Leading to browning life

And greening hope

Which needs burning

Greedily chasing

The purple of those dreams

Hunting with tears

Shielding with smoke

Craving for a browning green

A greening brown sheen

Lost upon a delayed return

Broken in pounded dreams

Invisible inside a fortress

Whose walls are painted

In mirages and miracles

And there still is hunger

Eating me

For the green brown

For the olive gold

For the whirling stars

Behind the hazel sphere

The green brown of your eyes

Enjoy and be sure to vist the featured artist’s pages to congratulate them. 🙂

xo Sybille

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