8th Feb 2011 features – Touched By Fire

It’s great that there’s so much excellent work in the Touched By Fire group that I was able to go through just a portion of the gallery looking for art that could specifically be interpreted as meaning “touched by fire”, AND I was spoilt for choice!

Mundoo 49 by Alenka Co
Touched by an inner glow

Effervescence by LisaMM
Touched by a searing passion

Inferno by ajgosling
Touched by lightning

DON'T LOOK BACK!! by Sherri...Charmaine Nicholas
Touched by God’s wrath

Patience, Claire. by Matteo Pontonutti
Touched by magic

Lake of golden light - swan silhouette by Penny V P
Touched by the setting sun

LOVE - Seascape by Linda Callaghan
Touched by unquencahble infatuation

Moo Two - by pauldrobertson
Posessed by a burning rage

I Am Woman, So Am I by Leni Kae
Touched by a lover – the joyful inner heat

The loss of sanity by scott black
Tortured by a relentless sorrowful energy

The Surface of the Sun by Martin Millar
Touched by the beauty of light

Sun-racer by Penny Kittel
Moved by the exhilarating heat of the moment

by Rebecca Tun

3 thoughts on “8th Feb 2011 features – Touched By Fire

  1. Dear Rebecca
    I am so delight and I must say so honored!! It is a awesome feeling to be in your lovely Blog. I am also happy to be here with wonderful artists..thank you sooooooooo much for seeing that my painting was appreciated enough to feature it..I am so proud..
    Thank you again!!!!

  2. Thank you so much for choosing my image in the ‘Touched by Fire’ blog out of many images – I am very honoured and also honoured to be in the company of the other artists’ images that were chosen.
    – they are truely amazing pieces of art work and it is an excellent blog collection of art work; showing the brilliant moments and effects of being touched by fire.
    – I love the firey colours here in this collection;
    orange, red, yellow.
    The element of fire touches hearts, souls, warms us, heats us up, it lights up the darkness, it enchants all creatures, it can burn us too, if we get too close to the flames or fly too close to the sun.
    The heat of the sun makes us glow like the heat of love, the heat of anger enrages, the heat of passion and love unites us, the bolt of lighting, the flying spark from the flames – all life leads back to being touched by fire.
    Best wishes,
    Penny V-P

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