Features for January 16, 2011

Sometimes life isn’t always easy.  At times, I struggle with bouts of anxiety.  For this week’s features, I decided to explore the darker side of human emotion.

The Daemon Within me. by darkvampire

Practicing Laws of Humility
I didn’t have the presence to come to the light,
My heart was broken,
I was all alone,
And I had a good reason to remain out of sight.

She wanted so badly to meet me and see my face,
I was not born normal,
My delivery had not gone well,
And my birth had been a miracle with help from his Grace.

Everyone ignored my friendship and I grew up a lonely man,
Many threw stones at me to stay away,
No one made it a point to hear my voice,
And for many years hence I’ve toiled with it as I’m doing the best I can.

Parents had me secluded to avoid traffic snarls and their cruelty,
Adults and their children laughed at me,
Even disfigured eyes looked away,
And public schools and private ones practiced laws of humility.

by: oscarelizondo

don’t go out alone by vampvamp

for anesthesia to the crimson vows
windswept humbled walls
knees knotted and red
all from the hem of snow
where a landline is almost suffocating
behind a helm of stars

collectors call
and emily is wondering the halls
as she has done
in every one of my hermit homes
a quiet thistle among her ring of keys
for doors yet to be locked

in the basement
i have broken through concrete
with a mixture of tears
and sweat
and skin ax
following a flood
behind a star whistle
asking me to turn around
and reach

how could they who shine so bright
be so blind to the few who know
their home

upstairs emily’s stocking feet shuffle
across cheap linoleum floors
ignoring the one door
i have asked never to be opened

and on the hill
a car bomb
is suffocating
underneath stumbling bricks

i am still in the basement
having lost my urge
for a peaceful fix

for a blade of grass
for an eraser
or solitude
as i dig
and wipe
earth torn knuckles
across my sweating cheek
all for an indescribable something
deeper than foundation
far into dirt, and worms, and teeming
loam -soft and rough and wild
alive of snow and before
of now and beyond

each inch
a different layer
or crust
changing how i hum
how digging deeper
at a crawl
a firefly at the attic window
gives emily a momentary fix
a pause in her shuffling
at the exact moment
i find a black earth pearl
to shine my palms
a rare earth metal
to cut my roots
so i can dive off the cliff
of magma
erasing all the lifelines
and falling into

© by: erich biemer

Comfort within the emptiness… by Kieran O’Connor

Inner Ugliness

I feel ugly
and outside growing itchy
a new layer of nervousness
showing up
on each new pink patch of skin.

All I wanted
was to be
honest with you.
But you took my index finger
and twisted it towards your frame.

Your friendship meant
more than you are now tall,
more than the lust
you feel for your secret
and more than I feel small.

Little by little
I scratch at the surface.

by: lovelyrita

you silvery veins…fell apart on the floor like shattered glass by Rebecca Tun

Solitary Symphony
Symphony of thought
serenades as temperature rises.

Sweltering heat beads sweat
on my upper lip.

Essence of you in my mind tonight
brings forth the beast.

You’re not here to sooth the savage.

I create music with these thoughts…
…your scent,
…your sway,
…your devilishly evil tease.

You take me to this place
where I lose control and
lose myself in your melody.

Symphonic masterpiece
I conduct in your honor.
First slow and steady as
you flood my head with visions…
…the way you move,
…the way you look,
…the way you think.

You set me on fire.

Tonight I make love to
yesterday’s memory.
I throw in some tomorrows and
savor the feeling…that
first second when
light of day disappears and
bursts of soft sweet warmth
shoot through me.

I celebrate you and how
you fill my ears
with that sound you make
when first I enter.

You turn my blood to lava burning in my veins.

Tempo rises,
Allegro to Vivacissimo,
Deep bass pitch erupts into
grand finale.

I can feel you…
I can feel you…
I can feel you…


You leave me breathless, even when you’re not here.

by: Cassidy JK

What you really are by Jessica Walker

Beyond the borders of
silent comprehension
lie illusions of emotion
deeply embedded in a
fleshy soul triumphantly
ruled by an ever hungry heart
in stark contradiction to ominous
predictions of a weary lonely mind
when once again delirium seeps
through cracks in armor to offer
renewed ecstasy, fervent pain
delivered in syrupy concoctions
still craving the devil’s sweet poison
hallowed hallucinations of love
a mighty drug, all the same

by: AnniG

A Liable Obstruction by David Mowbray

Plucking hearts on worn guitar strings,
I play out of tune and sing
E minor songs
That will never reach your ears.

There is comfort in my tears,
They build in my eyes
But are seen through yours,
And across submarine static
The phone line cries.

We hold fragments
Of each other,
Glimpses into our lives.
This is how we survive
Since we could never be less than lovers.

Disappearing pens leak your heart
Onto pages I’ll never see,
Pieces of your life I can’t touch
But I can read.

by: Tycatz


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