Features November 21, 2010

While browsing the many wonderful “Touched by Fire” artworks, I found these to be so captivating I wished I could jump right into them and explore the new world they created for me.   It’s as if they act as portals to different worlds; worlds so enchanting anything can happen, the only limit being one’s own imagination.  They create wonderful escapes from the realities of everyday life.  Enjoy.

The Wishing Tree by vampvamp

Karina with Bike by rowanmacs

“Are They Still There?” by Alenka Co.
are they still there?
can you see them?
monster ants and mad jumping ones

they told me go find my own ants
said I wasn’t a puggle anymore
big enough to sniff out ants for myself
how hard can it be, they said
just find a big ant-hill and stick your nose in it

yeah, well, I did
you see that sore patch on my head?
that was a monster ant did that
I left that ant-hill quick smart
found one with smaller ants
stuck my nose in
and the ant-hill exploded with mad jumping ants
all over me, they were,
I left that quick smart too

you know any ant-hills
with ants that don’t bite in it
‘cos I’m ready to chuck in this ant-eater job
get one easier on the nose
like those birds with their noses buried in flowers
that looks nice
flowers don’t bite and fill your nostrils with dirt
what kind of ants do you suppose live in them?

Allegory of Unreachable Land by Igor Zenin

Special Delivery by Cassidy JK
Poseidon summoned
100 pegasi to carry
whispered lullabies.
Soaring 9,000 miles,
through starry nights,
through stormy nights,
every night,
night after night,
under the endless,
timeless moon,
they placed them softly
on your pillow to sing,
as we danced to their songs,
fire and ice,
in our liquid dreams.

childhood is the most wonderful fairy tale of all by ShadowDancer

Power by Victoria Jostes

Go Where the Lightning Tells Us to Strike by lolowe
Ten steps on the ground
Pounds thunder
Grieves the impact
The release
Of rubber soles
The sharp cling
Of peppermint patterened
Skirts bleeding off the rain
Dripping pavements of red and white
And the scent of boiled rice
And the sharpness of pepper
The serpentine curl of
Sodden hair against a brown

The fire in our lungs
Exhaled into the ghostly white chill
And we cradled the dark auburn brick
Feeling our way forward
Soft fingers grasping
The rough exterior
Of a building wall
Trying to inhale pockets of air
In a world blanketed by the
Sheer gray curtains of rain

Ten steps
Ten steps and we’ve forgotten
Where to run

A crack
And the jolt of blue lines
Cut across the covered sky
Threads of electricity
Knitting along the clouds
Tingling the roots of our hair
Marking the way by
Ten seconds of silence
Before two pairs of eyes
The color of black oil
Blink back
The eager mix of water
Trailing the lightning strike
In a blur of red and white
Pushing the scent of curry
From the breeze
The scent of thyme from our skin
Until we lose the way
And find it again

Space Girl by Marlana Marry

dream ship by hollyann
cast off into
the dream ship
aloft on the cloudy sea

hold on to the strings of the stars
and sail away
to the fantasy bay
where anything happens
and everythings’ real

cast off into
the dream ship
abreast of the
golden shore

let your eyes rest
on the glorious banks
and the softened
beach grass
in the evening sun

cast off into
the dream ship
away on the salt sea

let the night take you
to unchartered lands
just what you want
is close to hand

cast off into
the dream ship
with it’s decks
of pearl and jewel

i wish you a journey
that lighten’s your heart
and carries you fresh
to the new morning’s

cast off
and let yourself go

The Prophet: On Death by Colleen Milburn

the janus nocturnes; 7 life before dawn by erich biemer
there are many gates to pass
but the womb of the forest
cannot be mistaken

somewhere beyond its eaves
cluster chords from star opening comets
shine on branches of birch and pine
as angle-wing butterflies sing
questions of the night

-a coyote howls, a nighthawk descends
letting a traveler in to the temple
of the grove, letting them in
to drink seven senses of air

i wait for you

© by ebiemer


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