The Hunting of Creativity (poem)

Whenever our muse decides to drop by, we must entertain her and grasp her attention. This poem by Guy Hoffman (aka creative365) tackles this moment. The author states: “The creative spark is elusive and once I have it I am reluctant to let it go”.


I won’t let it escape
I watch it, staying quiet
Keeping my eyes fixated
I sink low to stay undetected
Stalking it as it moves
Prowling under the moonlight
Hiding in the shadows
I position myself
To prevent it’s escape
The air thick with inspiration
Eyes forward, ready to pounce
Shifting as I prepare
I leap for it
Surprised by my attack
It darts for open ground
It’s imaginative and magical
In it’s attempt to escape me
Just as it always is
Extending my claws
I swipe once, twice
Damn it, I missed it again
I bolt after it
My heart pounding
I catch up quickly
Its dodging moves
Difficult to follow
I take a leap of faith
Sink my claws into it
And drag it to the ground
My grip so tight
It’s difficult for me to hold on
As is bucks and squirms
Just before I grasp its throat
I remember I don’t want to kill it
Oh I would never want to do that
It twitches and fights
Slowly it concedes
For a moment we are one
I can hear its heart beating
Each thump resonating through me
I can feel its pulse, its warmth
I move close to take in its scent
My flared nostrils fill with
The smell of innovation
All my senses awakened now
I lick my lips to ready my self
My mouth waters with anticipation
I lean in and drink from its wounds
The sweet blood of originality
I know I can never get my fill
Realizing satisfaction can never be had
And grateful for what it has given me
I release it reluctantly
With hopes of catching it again tomorrow


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