As intended.. a pairing of zen and peace

I love it when I recently finished a piece of work and I find someone else is on the same astral plane as me. I normally don’t upload my own work to the blog, but I just completed a photo and then came across this poem by Paul that evoked the same feelings in me that inspired my own piece. I hope you enjoy.

muted whispers of the songs of seabirds by Pj Djennel

muted whispers of the songs of seabirds by pj djennel

As intended by Paul (Quixote) Alleyne

From the highest mountain top
I can see thru the clarity of my mind’s eye
I can see the undulating valleys
and meandering, shimmering rivers;
where men in boats haul in their catch
I can see the deep, silent ocean off in the far distance reflecting the warm, evening sun
I can hear birds chirping as they enjoy their time of play
I can see kids playing under the waterfalls;
swimming and bathing in shallow, crystal clear pools of waters
I can see broad color ranges of foliage for miles and miles, and miles
I can see men and women toiling happily in the fields,
harvesting the crops for the feast yet to come

There is no hunger here
No debilitating disease here
No fear of war here
Just an abundance of love and sharing and contentment

Isn’t this the way you intended it to be?
Yes, you answer.
I concur

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