Friday Feature – Something Special

At the end of each (working) week I love to take stock and see what trundled into the TBF ‘inbox’. Each week I find something special;

This week’s image is

Scott Black’s Solitude

Solitude by Scott Black

Solitude by Scott Black

I couldn’t decide on a single piece of writing this week, so here are two.

I will not speak

By Siki Dlanga

I have spoken once
I will not speak again
Why should I spill my words
To the ground?
I will not repeat these words
I will only speak again
When I find hungry ears
Whose tongue tastes every letter
Why should my voice
Go to waste?

I will echo back only to the demands
Of thirsty minds

I will not speak again
I will not

© siki dlanga


Love is the Bed

by Blake Steele

Love is the bed
out of which hands and feet grow,
from which eyes form,
ears, the curve of a hip,
the long leg and arm.
Love is the bed
fit for the brain
to form its sinews,
to fire its synapses,
to structure itself
into music,
into the dance of elements,
to rest in, expand in,
color itself rich in,
forever flowing and falling
back beneath its covers,
leaping into Love.

© Blake Steele


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