Reflection of Truth, Time Spent (journal)

One of our group members, Mark Peterson, muses upon inspiration and the creative process:

The time you spend on your art is very important I think. If you want to convey a message through it you must apply yourself to do the best you can…I know I’m not always great at it because I get in a hurry…I make mistakes, but don’t always see it til later. I’m sure many of you can agree. Being an artist in this day and age can be quite frustrating since we are under such a microscope. The field of creativity never use to be like that, but here we are in 2010 where digital has entered the scene. Traditional is slowly becoming a thing of the past in many life styles because the computer took over the world…Yes it took over the world!

So many of you do so great in putting the message forth in the style you have, and I admire that and the ability that you have to do so. We each do it in our own style…we don’t always get it right, but the overall talent in vision and creativeness shines through. Without the reflection of talent I have to see I would do less with my own work as far as creativity because the inspiration and challenge not only comes from within me but from all of you as well.

It takes the imagination of all… for us to truly express the vision we have… Politically, visually, emotionally it is the artist and insight of others who awakens me, and I am honored that sometimes I can inspire another as much as I have been inspired…we develop a relationship with our thoughts, with our art, and with God as we see him…just as we do with each other…and it is that bond that keeps us in love with what we do…

Just wanted to say a few lines Thank you everyone!

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