Features for Aug 22nd 2010

This is my first time doing the features for Touched By Fire. I chose images that absorbed me and stimulated my imagination – ones that I see as fantasy landscapes or ‘mindscapes’. And I’ve written beneath each one what I imagine is going on in the picture. For the writing I chose pieces that arouse the senses, or pieces that evoked an emotion I recognised.

The Passing by advertisingamy
In this picture the girl is throwing away her old life behind her and running towards the ladder which will take her to a new and better one. It is a frightening but exhilarating thing to do. Lovely simplicity, and the desaturated colours are perfect.

Dancing Trees by Igor Zenin
Wow, this one is crazy. Is it dawn or dusk? I think it’s a competition between two tribes of trees: a dance-off held every year in this ancient woodland. The focussed figures in the foreground are so well set off by the blurry images in the background.

Storm Clouds by JaNae Boswell
The bad weather is coming up on that one lone house. One person lives there alone. He has an ongoing battle with the elements – he refers to the weather as ‘he’ (like they do in Iceland). He sole occupation is the upkeep of that small garden of yellow flowers.

The Dreamwalker by Tara Lemana
Waiting for her true love to come back after thousands of years. She has been condemned to a life of immortality alone on this blue planet, and will only be released when her lover reurns. She watches and waits for him every day. She doesn’t need to sleep or eat, so her only activity is to wander through this watery landscape. The attention to detail is excellent – the reflection, the mountains in background..sublime.

forgotten by Ingz
This represents end of one life and the beginning of so many more. Lovely depth of field – you don’t know what’s going on in the background but it’s not important. Even the glass is given a cloudy texture because of the rough texture over the whole picture. I love the calm, sad and light-as-a-feather feel to this.

Into the Light by Igor Zenin
Another from Igor Zenin. Like the Dancing Trees, this picture also makes such effective use of focus in the foreground set of by misty blur in the background. The golden warmth is smooth like honey and the journey along the path depicted is a slow, reverent and dreamlike one.

And now for the written pieces…

These two pieces are sensual and charged, full of fast-paced imagery and rhythm. I like.

heat wave by autumnwind

sticky sweet
my pores are
your eyes
drink me in
this sultry
summer air
makes dangerous
these pulsating charges
waves of pleasure
you are flawless
we are
hard core rhythm
you dive
and drive me wild
in our thirst
we are fierce
and feral
out of control
the burning
honeyed roller coaster
skyrocketing intensity
I scream
you roar
we melt
and slowly slide down
what bliss…
we lick
our paws…

I needed that

Our Gift by SilentScreamer

I’m dancing with you
a wildly passionate
covetous paso doble
for our enjoyment

I’m playing with you
this capricious game
of lust, wanton desire
for our excitement

I’m sharing with you
every cell and sinew
of my burning body
for pleasure, ours

I’m delivering to you
my private thoughts
fantasies naked in mind
for your exploration

I offer you this treasure
my essence, my being
wholly and completely
for your worship

I delight in the connection
of tangible true emotion
unseen, yet undeniable
our gift shared

These next two pieces are thoughtful, insightful poems about love. Whether it’s about not getting what you want (as in this first poem) or about getting what you want (as in the second one), both these pieces eloquently express patterns of experience that I recognised immediately. I love the metaphor about the “falling leaf” in this one:

Hope by Mieke Boynton

It’s a strange thing, Hope.
You don’t choose it;
the stubborn belief in the radiant dawn
that follows the sightless night
so bitterly bleak and dark and empty…

Most consider it a blessing.

Mine plagues me like a festering sore
that resurrects unexpectedly,
deep and bright and painful
when I thought I’d killed it off last time… and the time before…

When I met you
I didn’t fall for you like a landslide,
I floated like an Autumn leaf
and didn’t realise
I was in love
until I saw where I’d fallen from
and knew I could never get back.

I was seventeen.
I thought I was grown up.
I wasn’t.

That night I rang you from America
and you didn’t want to talk
and you kept putting my friends on the phone
and then you said you’d kissed Kim –
my best friend Kim –
who suddenly wasn’t my friend anymore –
and I asked you if you wanted to be with her
and you said,
“If she’ll have me” –
that’s when I grew up.

I could say it took me years to get over you.
I do say it took years.
But I lie.
Because when I hear “Lovefool” from Romeo & Juliet
and when I drive past that park where I was late for your soccer game
and at night when it’s quiet
and when I see the brown latticed fence that still has our names etched in the paint
eleven years later
and when I watch the Autumn leaves fall

I hope.

I SAID IT by Paul (Quixote) Alleyne

I talked it
And it happened
I said that you will fall in love with me
I said that you will learn to love me
I said that you will learn to be my best friend
That you will be my lover
That you will come to me for advise
To be comforted
And counseled
And reassured
I said so many things
Some I forgot
Because I said them so long ago
But it all happened
It happened just like I said it to you.

And finally, here are two sad pieces about suicide – at least I think they both are. This first one by darkvampire is just dripping with bitter sarcasm and horrid, angry imagey – and all the more interesting because the voice comes from beyond the grave. It’s strangely entertaining. The second one, less obviously about suicide, in only a few words and using a well-chosen metaphor touches upon what I think are several salient features of a suicidal train of thought. I especially like the metaphor about “setting off an alarm”. And I find the last two lines are as much like a question as a statement.

sorry by darkvampire

that’s me
in the wood
I decided to
but without a
sorry about the
it must be the
maybe I should
weighed myself
down with
something really
I always
move about too
as you often
the creaking too
sorry about
perhaps I
should have
that penetrating
to get the
keys out of rusty
I could have
with some of
to get
out of
when you
those many
times you
tore me
sorry I didn’t
sorry too I was
I should have
used the
you see
my fault
sorry about the
pecking my eye
no wonder you
told me
I must be
blind to ruin the
dinner like that
so sorry about
in my
you always told
me the
I can’t apologize
please forgive me
but I appear to be
onto the grass
it’s some sort of
putrid liquid that
gathers in the
orifices of dead
bodies I believe.
you always said I
of course
you were right
sorry about the
apparently it’s a type of
noxious gas that
collects in
and causes them to
swell up;
you used to say
I was
fat, remember?
right again.

sorry I left you
in the house
leaking your
onto the
nice new carpet
sorry about the mess



EXIT by kashmirecho

I’m staring at the EXIT sign
Wondering if it’s an easy way out
Wondering if I’ll set off an alarm
If I walk out the door
Wondering if anyone will notice
The absence of my presence

The EXIT sign is glowing red in the dark
A welcoming beacon
A safe way out
An escape route

All I have to do is get up
And walk out


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