Body parts – Challenge winner

One of our latest challenges dealt with a partial view to our own physical embodiment: “Pieces of us. As whole beings we are beautiful, but focusing in on specific pieces of us can have a tremendous impact”.

Lilynoelle‘s work, a self-portrait, Perfume received the most votes. Here’s what she wrote about it:

Inspired by “Perfume: Story of a Murderer” ~ book by Patrick Suskind, film by Tom Twyker

roses and the scent of a woman …

This self-portrait was inspired by Perfume. The film and book are both beautiful reminders of the gentle, mysterious loveliness that all women have. Virginity is prized in the story, with the virginial women possessing a certain beauty in their Pheromones that make for a perfume so pure, so sublime, that it has the power to control the world (which our anti-hero, Grenouille, chooses not to do.) The story enchanted me and I felt honored to be a woman and virgin – not that being a man is any less important, but hey! We need to feel that beauty can come from something as simple as a scent or virginity. It’s not all about makeup and clothing. A scent of a rose … the scent of a woman.


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