Work in progress -challenge

It’s monday, people… and work seems to be in everyone’s minds. Therefore, I needed to catch up with the challenge winner updates, especially with this one: Work in progress. The concept:

Do you have a book cooking in the oven (get it out… it’ll burn!)? Essays, novellas, short stories, poetry? Submit an extract from a project you have your heart and soul invested in.

Since we only received 5 submissions, I think it’s only fair for at least the number 3 spots to be featured on the blog. Here you go…

  1. Deadlife prologue by Aryanna Aetha

Part of what the artist wrote about it:

This is the prologue to my new novel, Dead Life
kinda a secret project of mine for a while but I love people to read just this chapter to see what it is about…

2. Pretty as You Feel (art, poem & song) by restlessd

She felt ugly
She hoped the day would come
It hadn’t yet.
~ ~ ~ ~
She caught herself this morning,
Cursing at herself.
She said you’re ugly, you’re so fat,
She said I hate myself.

She looked into the mirror,
She didn’t like what she saw there.
She looked away disgustedly.
Why does she even care?

Yesterday she was happy.
She thought, today I am ok.
What could be different, changed,
From the way she feels today?

What is it in her being that
Makes her feel this way?
One day she feels so pretty,
Then so ugly the next day?

And then she feels so petty,
What difference does it make?
Larger issues loom daily
Get over it for heavens’ sake!

So then there is the guilt,
The stupid vanity of it all.
No one cares, why should you?
Just curl up into a ball.

Will she ever just be happy?
Will she ever be ok?
Will she ever just like herself?
She hopes, maybe, will it happen today?

_a rhonda original 09©

 Note: the author recommends, as soundtrack for this work, “Pretty as You Feel” by Jefferson Airplane.

3. My artistic view of depression by colindove

Part of what the artist wrote about it:

I first placed this under another heading, yet it , for me, displayed the hell of years of depression and anxiety. I hope by sharing a part of my life, may assist another on the path to recovery.

” Always there is a touch of blue reality amidst the tangled living though seemingly dead life” There is always hope.

Colin,….for further info


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