Features Week 13/06/2010

Good evening, folks. Apologies for the belated features update, handpicked by Debbie. Enjoy!

“…help” by Janae Boswell

Prometheus by ModernMythology

In formless night you moulded dreams like clay
And breathed life into infertile soil
In silence you created soft symphonies
Delicate whispers to dispell lonliness

You stole fire from the Heavens
And it sparkles in your eyes
You stole fire…

Yet for a lifetime you were chained
With beasts devouring you inside out
They may have caused you suffering
But they could never eat your soul

You stole fire and challenged the Fates
How your spirit burnt
You stole fire…

But for how long were you bound
How many years passed in pain
Until you finally realised
That you were alive

The Sun’s flames could not compete
Against your own soul ablaze
The fire of the gods resides within you

Now unbound you see
The flaws of being seduced
By Pandoras and their boxes of woe
And their laments of empty hope

Those tears I cried no longer salt your wounds
As my voice no longer falls upon deaf hears
We both burn fiercely yet no longer scorch eachother

Prometheus blaze and burn like the Sun
Those strong hands create
And shape your new world in clay
Breathe new life and new day

Warm Autumn by Jessica Walker

Concrete, Oily Lies by evitaoz

Up in their towers where they wash
Their hands of blood and oil
And behind closed doors where they count
Their dirty money
Their mouths spout promises
Wrapped in synthetic lie protectors
Blinded by their own false smiles
They have forgotten how to breathe
Though remember how to breed
They have lost the eyes to see
They have buried compassion
Under Concrete plans that
Have no substance
But the wheels need to be kept turning
While time runs through
The people’s hands and
Vanishes in a toxic guilty soup
Of man -made wretchedness
The creatures of the waters
Shed life in brown stained coats

Maybe all that ‘gold’
Is there to oil
The noose
And who will be the judge
It is us the children cry
It us
It always was

Sprinkler Fun by Ruth Tinley

Infinity’s Realm by tkrosevear

My mathematical muse awakened, alive and well
Playing with numbers of days, as this poem will tell;

8888 days were shared within infinity’s realm
Endless possibilities with love’s light at the helm;

Two hearts that once beat singly as one powerful force
Safe within knowing we were choosing the right course;

Each blessing has been counted, as a heart beats alone now
Sweet memories cherished of our once spoken sacred vow;

Knowing the inner power that lives within my soul
An unconventional healing ensues, down the rabbit hole;

Witnessing the silence of the grace to receive
Wisdom’s offerings, that we’ll be reunited – I believe;

Gratitude abound, weaving a new web of life
Now noticing opportunity’s patterns – not strife;

Harmony’s highest order counts on peaceful community
I will stand and be counted, to protect and create unity…

©tkrosevear 5/30/2010
The age old quest for knowledge by Berns

snapshot by Mia Rose

if it’s light that reveals the matter
that allows a peek into the soul
and exposes the essence
of loneliness
your words are light to me

if it’s light that illuminates longing
that reveals the soft-edged shadows
the winding heart trail
of yearning
your gentleness is light to me

if it’s light that makes the body gleam
that gifts its brilliant spectrum
the fiery dance of limbs
of lust
your adoration is light to me

if it’s light that transcends our sins
that mellows the dark
that allows the sunrise
of serenity
your being is light to me

i’m writing with light
with love
this snapshot for you

Unweave a rainbow by rubyjo

Older Woman
by Siki Dlanga

Have you ever seen her?

She’s comfortable in her skin
She’s beautiful but unaware
She’s gracious and strong
She’s wise and sharp
She sees right through you
She’s gone to both hell and heaven
She’s thought she would die
But she lived
She’s left to tell
You have nothing to worry about
She always assures you
Those words have made you mad
Doesn’t she get how hard this is
How can she just say that
Those words have comforted you
Those words have settled you
She is at peace
She is at ease
Her few wrinkles
are gorgeous
Even sexy
Especially when wrinkles are
The least of her worries
Or how grey her hair is becoming

Older woman
How many times
Have I wanted to be you
To be so at ease in my skin
To be so wise
To be so beautiful and strong
To be so at rest and so at ease
As I hold my breathe
Anticipating my next step
Fearful of what might go wrong
If it will be alright
Pursuing the rest of my life
You simply draw back
From the wealth of your years
To spur me forward
Gracefully sometimes harshly
But you are always perfect
Always what I need

You believe
You are at rest
You know who you are
No one can push you
Only you and you do
Sometimes you look at me
With envy
Just to give me wings
Older woman
You are the finest woman alive

(c) siki dlanga

With fire by Amalia Iuliana Chitulescu

Ana…  are you there? by JaNae Boswell

Ana are you there?
Can you hear my plea
help me quiet the voices
that live inside of me

they started in my core
screaming to be fed
but I wont eat a crumb
i’d rather end up dead

Ana are you there?
I need your help to suppress
The scale no longer shows numbers
it just keeps telling me to eat less

For breakfest I had water
lunch some tasty air
dinner a couple crackers
but that fat roll is still there

Ana can you hear me?
I need your help tonight
the hunger pains are back
there getting harder to fight

if you take them away
ill do 1000 situps I swear
please Ana please
just answer this one prayer

And where’s your sister Mia
she was here on my last spluge
I ate a gallon of ice cream
than she graciously helped me purge

But Ana, I love you more
Because I know that your always there
You give me your gifts of new bones
you feed off my despair

but the demons still smile at me
the bastards decorate my plate
all they bring is more pain
and pounds of disgusting weight

Only you understand me Ana
how I need to be empty to be ideal
because nothing tastes as good
as being skinny feels

my haunted eyes are sinking
as paleness takes over my skin
but nothing will get past my throat
because you can never be too thin

I’m at two digits now
my face is beautifully hollow
but I still need you Ana
to help me so I wont swallow

So open up your arms
and take me in your embrace
my hair is starting to fall out
my heart is slowing in pace

Ana take me away
lift all this misery
make me as light as a feather
So that I can soar free

Ana holds me close
as my body turns to bones
She’ll stay with me forever
never again will I be alone


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