Feature 06-06-2010

I do apologize for being a day or two late on features.  For some reason I was thinking that next week was my turn to do them.  Anyway…. I enjoyed my morning going through and picking out what I wanted.  I had a very difficult time this go around because it seems like a ton of work has been added lately.  I felt bad about leaving a few things off, because sometimes trying to cut it down to only 12 features is impossible.  So I made notes of the ones I had to scratch this go around.  If someone doesn’t beat me to the punch, I’ll try to hit them when it’s my turn again.  Here they are:

No platitudes for comfort – pix83

Little one, why do you cry?
Did somebody say something?
Did somebody do nothing?
Did something but said nothing?
Hush now. It will be over.
The tears will stop.
The blood will cease.
The world will keep on turning.
Come now. Don’t be a baby.
Don’t let anyone see you.
Not like this, without the smile
blinding them from the obvious.
Without the inane chatter
t o silence the tragic words.
Give someone something to hold –
they’ll use it as a weapon.
Wisen up now, little one.
The sooner done, the better.
Leave your fortress of fancies,
held aloft by illusions.
Just leap off that window ledge.
Don’t be afraid of the ground.
The pain will never compare
to what you’re feeling now.
Stop your pathetic weeping.
Don’t grieve for things you can’t change.
Never mind the broken shards;
sweep them under the carpet.
Life has handed you the cards.
Play them well or die trying.
And should your final day come,
Without the comfort you seek,
Then let the tears flow anew.

Beyond those tracks – evitaoz

The introverts are travelling backwards
On their rails of familiarity
The rat racers are zooming towards
The elusive deadline
The money man rubs his hands
Prints more hardship currency
Children crying for attention
Feebly hold up mirrors
Mother Nature sighs and trembles
Under a cancerous human growth
Still she paints the mornings
In colours of her hope

Mare Insularum – YakusoNono

We’ve turned this night of calm into a tempest of emotions

Creating flames from the friction of our humid bodies

Writing the story of how we reached the climax on the damped sheets of cotton

Who could ever see from our palsy what unfolded only a few breaths ago?

Our muscles twitching ever so slightly as the heat we quickly turned up

Gently melted itself down

I rest halfway on your spine

Hearing the shifting velocity of your heartbeat through the cage of bone;

My new favorite pillow

And even in the dark of the room

I can see you as clear as day,

Aided by the moonshine shinning through

The closed shades of the flower pot’s window

Determined to catch us unguarded—as we were

While you slept soundly, I traced a line on your back

My fingernails softly scrapping your firm skin; hairs standing on end,

Landing each on an island paradise

Imprinted on you from birth

The lips you claimed where yours whispered words of lust and longing

Into the space between your sea of islands and my own sailboat

But only the moon’s shadow puppets dancing on the walls would hear the testimony

Upon waking, when all evidence of love making have been absorbed into our skin,

I shall tell you of the time I migrated from my loneliness

And crafted a nest in the still of the night, straight into your primal self

A Special Woman – Trenchtownrock

If only
the sky will stop moving
changing so quickly
giving my arm time
to reach across the pond
and stroke your silky skin
looking in your sea green
writing poetry of love
on your lips with my fingertips…..slowly
you are that woman
that moves me
your words carved into my flesh
my scriptures

can you feel my shadow
breathing on the smallest hair on your arm
can you feel me taking you for a waltz
it is a beat that only you and I can hear
it is a beat that speaks of love
that though far apart
breathes the same air
close your eyes my love
your morning and my night
serenades the skies
meeting at the half way point
of forever
the ocean knows our spirit
the ghost of those gone
are guiding this path
and our love will last
one of a kind

only one – strawberries

In a world of chaos, money and destruction,
These is only one thing that matters,
In my mind of darkness, doubt and despair,
There is only one light that counts.

In a black and white movie, your are the colour,
When the day is dull and dreary, you are my saviour,
When there is no sound, you are the music in my ears,
In a world on my own, you fight away my fears.

In a heart full of pain, uncertainty and loneliness,
There is only but one cure,
In my cold, tangled fantasies,
There is only one super-hero.

In a cold, dark world, you are my sunlight,
When the day is done, it’s you, who’s by my side,
When there is nothing left, you give me something worth living for,
In a cold place, it is you who warms me to the core.

And for all that has been, and for what is yet to come,
I’ll be by your side, where I belong,
I’ll make no promises, save only one,
To be here,
To fight for you,
And to love you till with my dying breath I’m done.

Unconditional Heart Part I – Anthea Slade

open heart like a flower in the sun
fingers touch the sky that weeps
as petals lick the skin wet
dreams of the elusive rain drop
a seductive key to pandora’s lock.

clarify the gypsy vision
radiate colours that caress
shiver the hot breath quivers near the restless
eyes that look deep into the heart
and do not miss a beat

shape, form, content present
arrested by the soul that speaks
behind the mask of mystery
and the allure of articulate grace
the twitch, the flicker, the sensitivity of your face

penetrating colours cannot hide
the constant hunger that illuminates
the subtext behind the words in ink
pulsating feelings that grow more ripe
as sounds pass inside the illusion of
your elegant dream

dancing with the luminous silence
questions are asked more than answered
respect the difference
yearning for statements that have meaning
beyond the limitations of the moment
outside the confines of an intellectual rhyme

a blood beating heart
pieces back together
growing bigger beyond imagination
colours expanding, mind illuminating
the power of the raw beauty of a heart
that feels without condition

ah, a dream, a vision, a raw truth
to see, to imagine, to touch, to feel
an unconditional heart exists
still lives boom boom boom
in divine grace still beats


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