I’m redecorating with your love – by JaNae Boswell

This poem by JaNae Boswell is something you could translate visually in such dark, twisted way. For now, let’s just appreciate her words.

I’m redecorating with your love

Your love covers the wall
as I drag the razor in a quick slice
the stains you’ll see are a price
for breaking my heart..

Your love drenches the wall
the whiteness slowly disappears
like paper soaking up the ink
of our own scarlet letter..

You love sprays the wall
like my Chanel No. 5
the stale scent of rusting metal
consumes our apartment air..

Your love smears the wall
like paint from an angry artist
I express my painful creativity
with each droplet spilled..

Your love washes the wall
maroon water still so wet
like the showers we use to take
cleaning ourselves as we made love..

But now it drips down the wall
in trickles of crimson blood
my goodbye signature in cursive
With love,


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