Imaginative Pencil – Justin Jenkins

Justin Michael Jenkins is a professional artist, writer, illustrator, and designer with a unique style of bold surreal pencil works. He specializes in the mediums of colored pencil, acrylic, and pencil. His approach involves the arrangement of color, form, shape, and the involvement of positive and negative contours within the overall composition. The complex intricacies interplay and come into balance with the overall flow of the theme of each piece.

When you visit his myspace page you get a glimpse at the man behind the art. I most appreciated this quote: “In all my travels and experiences the one thing i learned is that in matters of life, the HEART is the only pure way to express. When we use our heart the intended subject will feel this in a more positive and genuine way. This will also reinforce the strength of your SPIRIT and ultimately heal your SOUL.” Please enjoy a few pieces of his work, or visit his website Imaginative Pencil.

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