Elox – The Artist behind the Lens

EloxElox is a photographer whose work is as unique as each breath that we take, never to be replicated. He has a way of capturing moments that will burn themselves onto your cornea. Every day places and figures, shadows and moments in time – all photographed in amazingly evocative ways. Every piece is perfection through the lens; moody and intense and filled with stories. He has mastered the use of focus and blur, dark and light, shadows, contrast, framing, and perspective. The mysterious and cinematic ambience leaves the viewer breathless and always asking for more. He is by far my favorite photographer.

I had the opportunity to have a quick chat with him recently. Please enjoy this mini-interview.

Can you tell me how you got started in photography and a little about that journey?
I started with painting. I think this gave me a good sense of what I want to accomplish with photography. A sense of what I want to show, the emotions I want to convey. A good background if you like. I started photography about 5 years ago when a friend of mine bought a Nikon, I held it and it just felt right. Since then I always had a camera. I bought my own of course.

What do you wish for within your viewers when they soak in one of your pieces?
I seek impact, punch, emotions, and a break with traditions.

What are the three must-have items when you go out to take photos (excluding the camera)?
Cigarettes, a thin black tissue that I attach to my camera for some special photos, money “in case i have to get out of trouble”.

What is your creative process?
Inspiration, a heart beat, an idea. Then I disappear and let my senses take control, boundaries disappear…nothing can stop you now.

Thanks to Elox for sharing with us a glimpse of his inspirations and technique. He is a distinctive and unique artist with amazing talent and I look forward to each masterpiece that he shares. I hope you enjoy the selections of his work below;  please see more of his work on either RedBubble or Flickr.


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