TBF Features – Week of May 1

I feel like I have been MIA from this group for awhile.  I’ve been in a rut the last couple months and haven’t had time to write or create much so this has been a nice opportunity for me to at least see what others are up to.  And per usual, it’s next to impossible to only feature this much but I do my best.  So here you are:


Cold Comfort – cosimopiro

It’s cold tonight,
chilling to aching bones,
frozen in time.
Sepulchral thoughts
through yearning veins,
ghostly apparitions
my sleepy vision.
My farewell to you
into empty night
through memories of you.

No more,
no more
your face I’ll hold,
eyes will see.

How does one
a memory
when it fades
with the wind?
How does one
to a voice
when it has no volume
my own moans.

No more,
no more
your songs I’ll hear,
skin will feel.

This weeping lament,
from solemn heart
through rustling leaves,
heaven bound
with mournful breath.
It’s cold tonight,
a bitter walk
through crying soul,
where fathomless empty
cannot be filled
and longing
for you
never be quenched.

No more,
no more
your comfort felt,
walk this path.

Cold comfort,
acceptance is,
when icy darkness
arctic fingers
around sorrowful heart.
How does one
feel warmth
on a night
like tonight
when all about me
spectral icicles
my grieving thoughts.

No more,
no more,
it passes by,
forever more
rest in peace.

A Force That Can Wreck You – greeneyedlady

i am aware of her power
and i want to be like that
i want to be the first
to commit the hostile act
i want it to radiate off of me, too
i want to be loose and slutty
i want to lure you into my trap
i want to be utterly female
to wield that awesome power over you
i want to let my darker side out
i don’t want to be your saint anymore
i want to be your whore
i’m tired of being the good girl
who never gets a really good screw
i close my eyes and imagine the two of you
and i want that power, too
that orgasmic high that comes
from holding you under my thumb
don’t you like it when she does it to you?
i want to be like that, too
and i want you to hate it
i want you to recoil
yet be drawn to me in spite of yourself
i want you to fear that i, too
am a force that can wreck you
with my orgasmic magnet
i want that power, too
i want to be a dirty little secret
the same as she

The Rower – Mieke Boynton

The watery depths lie dark and still below,
and deep velvet blue stains the speechless night.
The speckled heavens shed the only light
on a solitary sculler out to row.

Reflections ripple off the sparkling bow
while stillness claims the puddles left behind.
The rower, navigating almost blind,
attempts to smooth the worry from her brow.

The darkness gently lifts to meet the dawn
whose golden morning splendour dyes the sky,
the graceful sculler gliding swiftly by
marvels at another new day born.

Every Colour Is U – Willow Wyles

I paint a picture …
nothin is angelic as u.
I look at kids laughin…
no one laughs like u.
I look at a full moon all it’s glow…
no moon is as full as your magic.
I look at golden fields blowin in the wind…
the gold becomes a mesh of u.
I look at a shootin star it is gone…
u remain and u glow.
I watch a flower close at night…
u become my mornin open to the day.
I look at a sunset with a wave crestin to the shore…
u become the sand for me to rest.
I look at reflections,reflections of me…
I am not perfect in my eyes…
YOU are….
i will always love u…

You Love It When I Fall – rubyjo

there’s a heaviness somewhere deep
when the cruelty i recall
you stand back and watch the show
you love it when i fall

your mocking smile is aimed at me
you laugh when i react
fling the words into the wind
you can’t take them back

hurt me with your acid mouth
throw it in my face
you tanned my hide from silk to leather
you stole away my lace

pull attention to my fate
and speak profanity
bring me down with hateful names
there is no vanity

calculate your risks
then throw caution to the wind
beat me with your hateful words
see how far i bend

seize the opportunity
you go in for the kill
twist the knife a time or two
it gives you such a thrill

you delight in all the chaos
as the scenes in front unfold
pleasure is a foreign word
your intention is so cold

your anger boils on the surface
i wonder if you’re sane
i see the triumph on your face
you get pleasure from my pain

you live a life so empty
no substance there at all
your house is void of color
as you wander through the halls

my mind is heavy when i think
of all the hate i saw
you and your wicked smile
you love it when i fall

tomorrow – Lisa Jewell

in a sacred lullaby we adore


good and bad me

a ceremony

true to our loved selves


of ages

swept up in the moon

i use a fingertip covered with cupid lines

to touch skin to skin


yesterday of prayer hopeful

dances with the left over moon dust

angels who love all

mix with cigarette smoking demons

a ghost

rattles parables into my ears

my blood dries clear

metaphors cry anguish on my sleave



it was not one of those times of rise up and fall down’s

the plane

guessed my plain

under the Trevi fountain


kissing my no regret lips

i had no idea

i would cocoon

into the beginning and end

woman that stands invisible by your side



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