Inspired by faces and new avatar

Ok, so we’ve been very busy with several challenges. In case you haven’t dropped by, ShadowDancer launched a writing challenge a few weeks ago:

The human face is an incredible thing. With just one look it can render one speechless, cause joy, spread feelings of unity, and cause our biological clock to tick. It’s an easy target for photographers, but for writers it takes some excellent pen-waxing to bring the image to mind.

Clipics took a shot at merging visuals (audiovisuals, he included a Nick Cave song with his submission) with poetry:


sit by the window

a wistful feeling

my battered heart

still prepared to love

one day, I whisper

love will come my way

I have the time

to sit and wait


I sit by the window

and patiently pray

for One Day

Also, we had a new avatar challenge and gaele received the most votes…

As always, we urge you to pay more close attention to these featured artists’s galleries and… why not? Maybe purchase some of their art.


2 thoughts on “Inspired by faces and new avatar

  1. What an amazing and wonderful blog this is. The artists are simply awesome, and you have helped me find artists that were previously unknown to me. Thank you so much.

    • Anna, thank you so much for your feedback. There are so many talented people it’s been a joy being a part of getting their work out to others.. So happy to hear that our little blog is doing some good. 🙂

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