Collaborating minds (part 1)

I have my mind set on exploring the many possibilities that collaborations, with one or more artists, can provide. However, I’m short on time, so I’ll just share with you a collaboration between Isa Rodríguez and Linaji, that caught my eye today.

I asked of my dear friend , Linaji
to write a poem. ….she sees so much … vivdly Lina……. you have been such an inspiration to so many of us. and thankyou for seeing the everglades today. many do not know that the everglades and Miami are in the same county . side by side. heres to both of them .as I blended them together .

Gray Bouquet in Florida Sun

Written for and inspired by: Isa Rodriguez
By: Linaji

Blood red
Blood shed
Through principals of tropical sun
And sandy water blue and green
In this case unseen
Unheard of choking death
Where life grows fast
Birth is cut in half
Perpetual summer and spring
Unheard of hearts
Blood red
Grey whispers death
It seems
But unlikely foliage streams
Promise to survive
after our own


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