I think “your” wrong about that

Hello again! A few days ago I posted a couple of definitions in the TBF forums (Than/Then) for the folks out there who get their (not they’re) concepts tangled up while typing. The Common Errors in English Usage search engine can do far more than I can, in terms of   clarifying all the possible evidence that linguists could use against us in a court of law 😉

Brian Clark’s Five Grammatical Errors that Make You Look Dumb include: Your vs. You’re, It’s vs. Its, There vs. Their, and Affect vs. Effect.

Very quickly, let’s take a look at what Clark has to say about Your vs. You’re:

All it takes to avoid this error is to take a second and think about what you’re trying to say.“Your” is a possessive pronoun, as in “your car” or “your blog.” “You’re” is a contraction for “you are,” as in “you’re screwing up your writing by using your when you really mean you are.”

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