The Dreamy MagpieMagic

Sybille, otherwise known as MagpieMagic, is a very prolific artist. She churns out fantastic art pieces, one after the other, hosts her own blog, writes, creates magnificent jewelry, knitting, and wire crocheting, just to name a few. I’m excited to announce she has joined the ranks of a TBF Host & Blogger to help spread the flames of touched by fire.

Here are a few of my favorite things created by this dreamy and oh-so-talented artist:

The Secret Keeper

He stood in the dark wood, doubtfully looking at the moon through the trees. He shivered in the cold air. Before he had time to consider his choices and give in to his fears she stood before him.

Her hair was long and shimmered blue in the light of the moon. Ribbons were tied in it, each with a key at the end of it.

“You are the Secret Keeper?” he asks her.

She nods.

He pulls a blue silk ribbon and a key out of his pocket and shows them to her.

“Any questions before we proceed?” she says with a low, soft voice.

He thinks for a moment, “Will my secret be safe with you? A lot of lives depend on it.”

“Of course”, she replies with certainty, “I am the Secret Keeper.”

He pointedly looks at the discoloured and scarred flesh of her shoulder. “Are you sure? Even under torture?”

She smiles and a soft green glow appears in her eyes, “Yes, I am sure. Even under torture, maybe especially under torture. This”, she looks at her shoulder, “happened a long time ago, when I was a new keeper and didn’t know my power yet. Do you want to change your mind?”

He shakes his head. “What happens now?”

click here to read the full story

Nymph by MagpieMagicSoulscape by MagpieMagicBlossom by MagpieMagic

Please visit her site on redbubble, her blog, and her etsy shop for more of her fabulous stuff. I’m excited for everyone to get to know her as she contributes to our fun group.

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