Duffboy – New Contributing Blogger

I’m very excited to announce some more changes for Touched By Fire. We are adding additional hosts and bloggers as we continue to grow and I’m SUPER pleased to introduce our latest addition.

Duffboy is photographer and writer that hails from Guatemala City. He has a background in photojournalism and communication arts and has a diverse portfolio of work: portraits, landscapes, nude photography, and poetry, to name a few. Oh, and don’t forget he’s an avid blogger and tweeter.

Please enjoy a few of my favorite pieces of his as an introduction to the man behind the latest TBF blogs.


I’m your alternate ending
the button you
should’ve pushed
21 flavors in a single

I’m the passerby
who dialed 911
mystery man, scape goat
a bomb.

I’m the right words
to say when you need
to seduce, snake charmer,
whenever you must perform
spread legs forgery.

I’m the echo, the real deal
a surface just cleaned.

No one’s dying anytime soon

Footsteps, misteps, falling


I seek shelter from gospel


The politics of truth

gang up on me,

they’re not my truths

not my policies.

Bullets stray, voices are raised

guilty parties whose names

are named.

You speak of mortality, joy and I listen.

Yet, I’m afraid.

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