This week’s features (1)

Greetings, my fellow art lovers. This is my first post as new cohost. I’m very excited and grateful for PJ to trust me enough to take a friendly stab at the blog too. Behold: the first of two posts dedicated to our featured artworks for this week. Stare, read, savor (and buy their art if you can!).

Alice Portrait by Hollee McNamara

She by Anthea Slade

She rhymes with ‘he’ ‘tree’ and ‘me’
She is real and she is raw
She is beauty at the core
She is courtesan, amazon, madonna and mother
She is throughout history considered ‘other’
She hurts but her heart stays open
She is instinct – she is knowledge
She nurtures by heart
She is sensitive
She is sensual and she is smart
She is loving from the start
She is soft – she is strong
She knows but still she powers on
She comes in all shapes, sizes and colours
She is delicate, fragile and playful
She loves her inner child
She mothers her children
She is sexual and she is courageous
She is red, pink and blue
She is resiliant
She breaks and puts herself back together
She is apple pear or hour glass
She has curves and she is deep
She has lips nose eyes
She has legs, breasts and more
She likes a room of her own
She craves to connect…be valued and seen
She has a voice and likes to speak
She is layered and she is mystery
She likes to take time to know you
She is more then what you see
She is grace under pressure
She loves to sing, dance, cry and be free
She loves to love and be loved in return
She is passionate and she likes to dance
She is at her essence about romance
She moves her heart in amazing ways
She is yin, the night and silver
She is moon
She is the red rose…pink heart…the green earth
She possesses an inner glow
She is a queen, goddess and princess
She is a wise old lady
She is a girl
She is woman.


Night Lighter by MommaKluyt

Imagine by Silki Dlanga

Imagine you knowing me↲
Imagine the truth beautifully unlocked ↲
Imagine life without death ↲
Imagine power fully in love without fear↲
Imagine you then ↲
Imagine truth with no lies ↲
Imagine shadowless light↲
Imagine painfree joy ↲
Imagine glory without shame ↲
Imagine perfection↲
Imagine a promise fulfilled and a longing fully satisfied↲
Imagine not wanting↲


2 thoughts on “This week’s features (1)

  1. touched by fire thank you so very much for featuring my poem She in your group and publishing this poem in your magazine. Truly appreciate this feature.

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