Redbubble Artist – Ingz

Since I’ve become a host of the Touched By Fire Group, I’ve discovered quite a few artists that I previously did not know, which has been an amazing journey for me.  It’s nice to be able to go through and moderate all the work and see it as it come through.  I get blown away every single day.  Pretty recently I finally decided to dig through some portfolios of you amazing artists in this group.

I was stunned when I looked at the portfolio of Ingz.  For those of you who know me, and have looked at my work before, you can tell how much I love people, portraits, and women.  However, other styles of work can really blow me away.  Ingz’s macros and styles are definitely something that blows me away.  She is one of the artists that can see art in any object they see.  She can get up close and intimate with an object and show its true beauty.

I hope you all will spend some time getting to know Ingz and her work.  Also, check out her calendars if you haven’t yet ordered your 2010 calendar.

And one final thing that I would like to share, is that several of these images have been featured on the redbubble homepage, including the very last image, The Forbidden Fruit.  I bring that image up because I deisgned that homepage that it was on.


9 thoughts on “Redbubble Artist – Ingz

  1. I favorited a macro shot of her kitty, so gorgeous! I’m still getting used to the new home page settings (still miss the old layout, but I digg the giant size of each image now)…

  2. Ingrid’s work has inspired me from the first time I came across her gallery a long time ago, and she has since become a very dear friend. I’m so happy she continues to inspire people with her work – she’s one in a million with what she does. Thank you, Matt :))

  3. Ingrid is not only one of the most talented artists here on RB, with macros that leave one breathless because of their beauty, softness and incredible detail, but she’s also one of the loveliest people you’ll ever meet here. Her sincere appreciation and support of other artists is a true treasure for those of us who have been the beneficiaries of her lovely comments. A most gracious and unselfish woman who just happens to be a spectacular artist as well!!

  4. I love Ingrids work for a long time she is not only a great artist but also a very lovely lady and a wonderful friend

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