TBF Group Art Features – Week of February 21, 2010

This week I was moved by color.

“Red is the ultimate cure for sadness.” ~ Bill Blass
Red is the color of passion and fire. It’s also associated with energy, desire, love, and danger. The human mind is drawn to it. Red is a conflictive color, conjuring up images of romance and caring and at the same time war and violence. It’s symbolized by both cupid and the devil. Studies have shown that it can even create a physical affect, increasing heart rate and raising blood pressure.

“There’s something strange and powerful about black-and-white imagery.” ~ Stefan Kanfer
Black and white has also been a strongly important visual medium. Even after the technology for color was created among the different mediums, many people are loyal to achromatic colors in film, photography, newspapers, manga, etc… Black & white often has been associated with colors of unity, opposite forces joining hands, conscious and unconscious from which a greater unity is created. It’s sophisticated, retro, mysterious, and timeless.

In visual arts, both of these color choices provides the artist with the ability to force the viewer to focus intensely on what they wish. I hope you enjoy the pieces I selected to represent both the fire of red and the mysteriously elegance of black & white.

angel by strawberries


4 thoughts on “TBF Group Art Features – Week of February 21, 2010

  1. Oh – what passionate selections.
    I love them!!! So gorgeous!!!
    Cannot wait to start bombarding the features with comments – excellent choices and so sublimely tied into the essential theme of TBF – finding ways of profoundly reimagining the world.
    You’ve reminded me of so much I love in the group with these artworks xoxo

  2. Favorited Valentine’s Day! This reflection upon color and black&white reminds me of some of the musings of tattoo artists in Kat Von D’s book High Voltage Tattoo. I think if I ever get a tattoo, it’ll be in black and grey 🙂

    • That’s an AWESOME book, btw.. I love tats and really admire the artists that do them and you’re so right, the collection does kind of reflect that style. Thanks Duff!

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