Touched By Fire Featured Writing – Week of January 17th

And finally the writing features for this week.

Her Enemy – MommaKluyt

The silence is deafening
Can she hear me?

Why do you come for her?
To paralyze her soul with thoughts…
With things she doesnt want to see
The dark corners of her imagination
You left her choking in fear

Your sick game, so easily played in her brittle mind
Dont take this girl, my fragile doll
She doesnt belong in pieces
Leave her here, her heart I need to mend
That day I cannot wait, when you come for me instead…

Virgin Name – Siki Dlanga

he said my name
what was in that
that made me pause
as though
he were the first
to ever say it
when he said it
i heard it
as though it
had never been uttered
since he

The Value Of Your Own Worth – Shoaib

I thought she was a perfect match
So striking the way she lit up my face that fast
The spark was brilliant, but the flame didn’t last
Nights out drinking turned into pain and wrath
And each injury sustained was simply bandaged and wrapped
Not even healing before the next lashing overlapped
Till finally one day my bones gave out and smashed
I wondered if I would ever be the same after that
Looking at the pain from the gash
I felt my burnt hands would never be able to maintain in their grasp
An endless love that would stay lit instead of burning out and blaming a draft
I realized that I was looking for a match that would last
To feed an addiction that spread like a cancerous path
Because I felt like I was just a cigarette and only worthy of the ash
Not realizing that I am candle and am made out of wax
So instead of choking, that’s when I let out a gasp
And promised to give myself much more than that
What hurts the most is knowing I had stabbed my own back
But when you don’t know the value of your own worth you search for something that’s lack
And you will do anything to just keep what you might have had in tact

Candles are meant to shine light into lives not be discarded in the trash
So I lived for a while on my own because in order to heal you must cast
And when I took it off I realized that what I was missing was a simple fact
A lesson that only comes when we see ourselves outside of our box and our pack

We often mistake a quick fix and brilliant flash for love until it burns us and our lungs turn black
But true love is like a wick that melts with you and remains inside your heart as long as you last

Heart of Ice – MagpieMagic

Crystal heart of the frozen wastes
tempered by the vagaries of never-winter
moored in flakes of ice white beauty

where the sweet song of birds
and the fragrant scent of blossom
never follow the cold North Wind

where floral beauties
are carved by Jack Frost
into the brittle skin itself.

Crystal heart of the frozen wastes
tempered by the vagaries of never-winter
moored in flakes of ice white beauty

where treasures are hidden
in plain sight for all to see
obscured by mist and fog

where ravages of time
have left their mark
in secret runes upon the frost.

Crystal heart of the frozen wastes
tempered by the vagaries of never-winter
moored in flakes of ice white beauty

where memories are frozen
and beauty leaves you shivering
no shelter and no respite

where no one goes
and no one stays
unless the choice is none.

Rest – Siki Dlanga

hands that formed me
please embrace my face tightly
wash me with kindness

Osmosis of Love – ArcadiaTempest

A barrow of monkeys danced
Cheeky grins enticing
to smell the cheery blossom

A flying clock lands on a well made bed
hours have pleated a healing quilt
just a few minute threads to be sewn

A petard left by the grief gargoyle
rolls into the dug out of yesterdays
No casualties for the count
safe in the meadow of new buds

Fear stung into submission by fire ants
New skin forming in the fire light of now

Hair is tussled by a playful wind sprite
tangles or not
there is
laughter more rich than ever before
A pearl forms in the osmosis of love


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