touched by fire – features for week of January 3, 2010

Writing Features

Our Dance by Pajaro del fuego
You were a vision in your flowing gown
Pressed tightly against me in my formal tails,
Aglow in the night, a princess in the arms of her prince
We danced

We swirled and we swirled on the starlit floor
Oblivious to the night and the gazing moon
With private orchestra, the whispering wind
Our dance could last forever

You never noticed my two left feet
I never noticed your lack of rhythm
For the night we were Fred and Ginger
In heaven, dancing cheek to cheek

Two swans gliding with grace on the lake
With barely a ripple in time or space
Everlasting, the dance was ours
Unforeseen, evermore

Mixed Colors by Willow Wyles
I observe and soak ,
like water color
on a canvas.

U observe ,
like a couch …
to a T.V.

I look with my eyes…
see pleasures,
in small things.

U look through my eyes,
to pretend u even care…
about what I see.

I read books ,
gaze at Picasso,Van Gogh,Leonardo,and Dali.

U yawn ,
scratch your head…
stare at the T.V

I see colors past the primary stage,
mixing them…
my thoughts, my lonliness…
searching for passion,
like “crimson red “

U take your “black”,
smear it into my thoughts,
my dreams.

Sadness and a heavy fog,
soaks into every pore.

U with one moment,
of silence,
turn my vibrant…
into a mixed mess of emotion.

I am passion …
u are not.

© 2009-2010 to each artist – you do not have rights to use their images or writing in any way without permission.


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