musings of a passionate gypsy – 2010

To the dreamers and mythmakers
that reside in two worlds like myself
half in their dreamland
of mists, leprechauns, and tigerlily thoughts
and half in the ‘other’ world full of
screaming shards of half-dead lacklusters

living the life of an artist trips a person up
it gives us solace and comfort
yet a restlessness with the outside
this year ends for me with piles of poems
and pieces of images urgently whispering in my head
the warehouse is full, my thoughts
are overwhelming
opening up like a sabled fountain spray
of ideals and indigo wishes

it’s a new universe in here
this quiet place of mine
to be one with oneself
a pixie
a goddess
a wellwisher
to keep going, restlessly
muddling through the thoughts
and images that disallow me
to see things through ordinary glasses
and be like the ‘others’
through trials and grief
the contoured days and sunken nights

while those with empty minds
give me the luxury of
being forgotten once in a while
like an abandoned little
piece paper, insignificant
unless they remember on it is written
something they need for a while

so here is to having lived
and living
a life of being a poet, a visionary
an artist, and magician
an orchid amongst the heads of lame wheat
raise your magic pens and paintbrushes
my creative wonders
and cheers for those like us
and for those unlucky enough to live
in the ordinary, the mundane
and least not forget the
weary and poor
the sick and the lost
the souls with nothing left in this fragmentary world
and to our mother Gaia

here’s to imagination
here’s to me
here’s to a good fuck
here’s to being a fugitive
sane in an insane world
let us drink in the madness of the constellations
my dear friends
for we shall start our next phase
with our eyelids on fire
and fumes from our magic fingers

I hear the stars smiling

(c) ShadowDancer 2009


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