touched by fire group in redbubble

I’m so excited to say that another step in taking this blog to the next level has launched this week. touched by fire the group is open for business on redbubble.

The focus of the group harmonizes with the focus of this blog – to discuss and appreciate art that affects people in profound ways. It will be open to all genres of art – writing, photography, graphic design, drawing, painting, and photo manipulation, etc… The stronger an emotion, feeling, or thought comes across in the piece, the more likely it is to wind up on the blog and/or be featured.

We also hope to bring relevant information such as how-to’s, tips, information, contest and publication opportunities, and marketing and sales expertise. The internet, blogs, and social networking has changed in such a powerful way that the opportunity to make money doing what you love (your art) is much more easily at your fingertips.

If you are a member of the redbubble community, please considering joining our fledgling group and being a part of what we call ‘reimagining the world’. If you are an artist but not a member of redbubble I strongly recommend it – it’s like facebook for artists. By becoming a member of our group, you will be part of a wonderful collection of talented artists and giving friends that will support each other and marvel at the world we create within our art. You will also be taking a step forward in promoting your art within the community and the rest of the world. It’s good to be seen.


Please enjoy a slideshow of the first weeks featured pieces – please visit the group to enjoy more wonderful art by these and other artists.

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