Redbubble Artist – JoannaBlu

In June of this year I stumbled across a new member of Redbubble named JoannaBlu.  She is a self taught “amateur” photographer.  I would consider her a professional any day of the week, but she is hesitant to use that word.  To me, her style is so peaceful and moody.  She has created her own style that she calls, “emotional blur.”

Several of her pieces touched me.  Her “emotional blur” style was so sublime that you couldn’t help but stare at it forever.

There are a lot of artists on redbubble whose work I love.  So many people have such beautiful composition and put so much time and thought into their photos, writing, paintings, and drawings that I almost feel ashamed of my own work some time.  Joanna is one of those people.  There are times where her work will literally take my breath away.  So everybody get your oxygen masks ready and be sure to check out her work.  Even more of her pictures and “emotional blur” can be found on her Flickr account.

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