the beautiful scribblings of greeneyedlady

Greeneyedlady has been a staple for me on the bubble. Her writing has proven to be a fountain of spirit, emotion, and honesty the quenches my thirst with each lovely word she drops. She wrote a piece today that really tingled down my spine and inspired me to feature some of her works and share them with you, with her blessing. Please take a moment to soak yourself into the beautiful words of my dear friend.

The first piece i”m going to share I mentioned in the intro. When I read it, it kind of latched itself to this place inside my lungs that made me let out an audible *gasp…. here it is, in it’s beauty:

writhing on her tether
she didn’t look complicated the first time i saw her
she looked easy
it must have been the champagne
lulling me into a false sense of security
allowing me to believe i would have her
on her back
in just a matter of hours
really that was all i wanted
she didn’t look complicated the first time i saw her
for i never looked past my automatic machinations
they had never failed me before
i didn’t look past my lust
to see what could be waiting on the other side
and so she hooked me
now i’m writhing on her tether
and she has won the battle
she never knew she was waging

(c)2009 greeneyedlady

The next poem of hers that I LOVE left me with a feeling of being there, in the moment, really present. I felt so zen after reading this. Often times I go back and re-read it just to calm my thoughts.

jasmine pearls

put down the pen
and dry your tears
breathe in the smell
of the cinnamon toast
pluck the scented pearls
of the jasmine tea
from the thin china cup
then hold it up
before it becomes
too bitter to enjoy

(c)2009 greeneyedlady

Blips and Boulders is an awesome poem that she wrote, a little bit inspired by a conversation that she and I had about relationships and lies.

blips and boulders

should i waste my time worrying
with the blips that come and go
on your radar screen?
or should i just wait and see if you could
ever be that tuned in to me?
turn on to me!
those little blips with their backsides shimmying
in their tight blue jeans
they come and they go, you come and then you go
and then you come crawling back to me
with your phony sorrow
your pious tears raining down on me
like boulders in an avalanche of regret
tears turn to laughter as i’m buried half alive
beneath your mountain of sweet and lovely lies

(c)2009 greeneyedlady

The next poem that I wish to feature is a poem about self-torture over an old romance years ago and the path to a realization of empowerment at where that journey really took her.

happiness is a weapon

my happiness is a weapon i use
to bludgeon your memory
and feel a little better about the way
you treated me
all those years ago

my happiness is a weapon you use
to convince yourself that
you did the right thing
by leaving me for my own good
all those years ago

today i know
my happiness was never your concern
there was a time when i searched your face
for the beauty that once shone there
but you didn’t want it, no,
you didn’t want the responsibility
for anyone’s happiness
not even your own
now you are oblivious to bliss
and i hope you like it that way

(c)2009 greeneyedlady

One last beautiful piece to share…perfection in its simplicity.. another reminder to find the luxury in each moment that comes.

only for a moment

it was only perfect for a moment
in the grand scheme of things
but the moment may never come again
so i hold the feeling close
for i never know
when it too may slip away
as if stillborn
back into the ether
back into the perfection from whence it came

(c)2009 greeneyedlady

In addition to her wonderful writing she also happens to be a great photographer. Take a peek at a few of her photos.

Please be sure to view her writing and photography gallery on redbubble – greeneyedlady. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


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