ShadowDancers Journey – RedBubble’s Gallery

If you’re like me, you check the RedBubble’s homepage daily. It’s definitely a huge honor in the RedBubble community to be a ‘chosen one’ who has their art exhibited on the front page along with other carefully selected pieces that, both combined and alone, titillate the senses. The home page feature is a fantastic way to bring attention to the many styles and artists on the bubble. It has been a driving tool for me to find my own personal favorite pieces and artists.

Many people often wonder how the layouts for the homepage gets chosen. It’s actually up to one of RB’s staff, an admin, who signs in as the enigma RED, to choose the layout for the day. If you pay close attention, you might even begin to understand the different styles of the admins and be able to tell when the staff member changes up.

There is a great forum on RB – Choose The RedBubble Home Page – that allows its own community members to make suggestions for the homepage. Thanks to the good graces of RB’s admins, they often use layouts suggested from this thread. Over time, a great number of community members have participated in having their collective choice featured on the main page. Some of them are core staples of the thread – they daily spend loads of time putting together terrific mini galleries for our viewing pleasure. Other times people stop in perchance after being inspired by a theme, artist, or group.

As the thread continued to grow, some of the ‘regulars’ often found themselves wanting to keep track of past layouts, both as a form of record and as a tribute to the beauty as an art piece. It was then that community member Sanne Thijs decided to create a blog that tracks each home page, along with who put it together.

The blog RedBubble Homepages is actually a beautiful gallery of the art that is the RB main page. I asked Sanne about her blog and the reaction from it.

She starts by explaining what motivated her to do the blog: “I saw many homepages coming and going and it was sad in a way because they are artpieces on their own and would never be seen again. So i started the blog, putting every homepage that was on it. I also labeled each layout with the person that suggested it along with search words. Lots of people were very happy with that because sometimes they had missed it. It is a moment to shine, being on the homepage, and it is no fun if you miss it.”

She went on to explain that, since most of us have busy lives and can’t log on every day, many times a persons art is on the home page and they miss it. Having this record is like an art gallery, and the artists who have been featured are always excited and appreciative to see it preserved in time.

The blog has received appreciation from RedBubble itself, including a personal thank you to Sanne in their October newsletter. A lot of hard work goes into the blog and as it continues to grow she would love to get help keeping it going. It takes a tremendous amount of perseverance and consistency to keep this going daily.

Much thanks to both Sanne and the admins of the bubble who work so hard to make RB a special place for everyone and acknowledge the vast array of talent in it’s circle. Don’t forget to view the forum thread, Sanne’s bubble page, and her blog!

Below are a few of my favorite layout picks for your enjoyment.

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