ShadowDancers RedBubble Journey: Veterans Day – Belated

I know today isn’t Veterans Day, but what day isn’t good to remember those that put their lives on the line for what they believe in? I came across a few nuggets that inspired me, and even though I’m behind on my blog, I wanted to share these works of art with you.

Before I get to the art, please check out my blog post on INK that discusses a program started in Chicago to allow veterans to project their feelings and emotions via art. Read about The Vet Art Project here.

This first piece really spoke to me because it symbolizes the emotional and spiritual support that we can give to the families and people sacrificing. Artist Jpeele says “This came to me in a dream. I feel strongly about the need to support out troops and the family members they leave behind. The immense sacrifices while they serve our country, deserve recognition.”

spiritual support

Another terrific piece was a very unique photo of new graduates of the National Guard. I was so attracted to the spirit and action that flows in this photo. Ginger Barritt is responsible for this lovely image.
out of the mist

Thanks to Sharoncr for allowing me to use her photo of guns in tribute. Everytime I look at it I feel quiet; the photo speaks for itself.
21 guns in honor

Christopher Ewing really touched me with his beautiful photo accompanied by his journal posted with it. I tried to find a segment to quote and link to the rest, but it is all so touching I decided to post all of it, followed by the photo.

This is a shot taken at the Vietnam’s Memorial wall. I was only a kid when that war went on, but this wall holds a special place in my heart. A few years ago in Memphis TN, the moveable memorial wall had come into town. It was at a time when my back was injured and I wasnt able to work. Going stir crazy staying at home being able to do nothing I ended up being a volunteer for the weekend. Helping the men find their buddies on the wall, doing sketches of the names that were there (you take a charcoal pen, a piece of paper and sketch the name), and just listening to the men and women that went thru that battle that, for the time, most didnt want to call it a war.
This really touched me deep inside, watching grown men cry til their bodies shivered. I got to a point I hated finding a buddy in the book of over 58,000 names because I knew the outcome of the person asking. They wanted to know but then again they didnt. And you can bet, it did bring tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat I didnt think would ever leave.
It was a serious new light about this war that so many were against. It’s a shame our soliders came home to people spitting on them and calling them names..instead of just saying..Welcome Home and Thanks for all you have done.
So it was a definite must to have gone to this wall, and capture the people who were so silent walking past the many names that are there.
So to you Vietnam Vets, the only thing I can say to you is…..

Welcome Home.

gone but not forgotten

WELCOME HOME, INDEED and for those that are out serving across the world, come home safe.


4 thoughts on “ShadowDancers RedBubble Journey: Veterans Day – Belated

  1. wow. i am so moved and touched by this journaling of yours, and I am so glad I found it by way of your invitational Red bubble journal today to come here

    We sure do live in a world that needs our virtual sticking together and our soldiers need all of us each to think , thanks, pray, help , encourage and bless them . Thankyou for this beautiful post.

    • Such a beautiful comment Isa… Thank you so much for stopping by – and I do hope that the more of us that joins hands, the more healing our world can have. Art has a tremendous affect on the hurt in the world. xxx

  2. Patty Jo, I just recently saw some pictures on RedBubble and I was so happy to see our soldiers ..I am also so impressed that you started the vet art project what a wonderful thought- and you took that thought and put it to work , serving our country in your own special way.
    I knew several men that were in that war, my son-in-law, he now has so many problems ..agent orange, etc My daughter would tell me about how he screams at night. from all the terror that goes on in war..He had back surgery and because of all the things that were not obvious after he got of nam …We almost lost him..after his surgery..The VA hospital out here really did a wonderful job of taking care of him..
    My heart goes out to the families that have lost there loved ones..When I think of the girls and guys that came home with severe makes me sick just thinking about them.and how some of them will never have a normal life.Its a sad world out there..I pray for hope peace, love, around the world.
    You really have given of yourself so beautifully to are dear soldiers, God Bless you Dear Patty Joe.. your friend Sherri
    ps..I have so much to say but it would be like trying to write a comment on you page..which sometimes I could fall asleep wait to write a comment about your artwork..Great Gal..:)

    • Sherri – I was overjoyed to do a piece on vets, and I plan to do another one before next years vet day. These people sacrifice so much and oftentimes come back half, not whole. What they experience I can’t even imagine, and I hope that more of them can find healing through artistic expression. Thank you so much, lovely lady.

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